12 Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding Melbourne

12 Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding Melbourne

While most brides prefer to tie the knot during the summer, there are tons of reasons why you should consider the least popular wedding season.

Top Reasons for Doing a Winter Wedding Melbourne

Perhaps, you’re worried that your best friend’s event calendar will be jam-packed with summer commitments. Or maybe, you’re afraid that the scorching heat will melt your makeup and mess up your wedding hairstyle!

If you decided that a warm-weather celebration is not for you but you’re not sure if a winter wedding is the best alternative, this blog is written for you.

To help you warm up on the winter wedding benefits, we compiled the top reasons that a cold-weathered affair will make your thankful. Scroll down to check the list!

1. Bye-bye Humidity!

No one can deny the stunning beauty and vibrant colors of a summer wedding. However, the peak wedding season comes with harsh temperatures and extreme heat!


If warm weather doesn’t work for you, doing a winter wedding can be a great alternative. Bonus point: your hair and makeup will thank you.

2. More Availabilities

How does it feel to choose a wedding date only to find out that your potential wedding venues and suppliers have no availability? Sucks, right?

Spring and summer are the peak seasons for getting hitched so you could expect that countless brides are lining up to secure their dates.

A winter celebration, on the other hand, allows you to get married on your ideal wedding date (even if it’s a weekend!).

Being the least popular wedding season, a winter wedding Melbourne doesn’t require you to book your date one year in advance.

3. Possible Discounts

Due to lesser demand, winter wedding packages are generally more affordable than summer packages.


Most wedding vendors (like wedding venues) offer seasonal pricing with lowered rates for the winter months.

You can expect that by having a chilly celebration, you can ace some huge discounts on your wedding package Melbourne.

4. Better Rates for Travel and Accommodation

Summer is the high season not only for weddings but also for the tourism industry. Consequently, you can expect that travel and lodging are at peak pricing during this time.

When you decide to do a winter wedding, you’re allowing your guests to take advantage of the low-season pricing for their tickets and hotel options.

5. Awesome Wedding Photography Opportunities

Snow is rare in Melbourne, but this doesn’t mean that the city looks less beautiful during the winter.

During the cold months, the Melburnian gardens stay vibrant and the dramatic lighting remains flattering (bye squinting eyes!) no matter the time of the day.

A premium wedding photographer in Melbourne will surely be pleased to capture your winter wedding photos!

6. Great Way to be Extraordinary

In a room full of roses, be a magnolia! If you’re looking to plan a unique wedding, why not opt for a chilly affair?

Winter brides are rare, thus, you’re more likely to have a celebration that stands out in the minds of your guests.

7. Perfect for Indoor Enthusiasts

Fantasizing about an art gallery wedding Melbourne has to offer? How about a Melbourne museum wedding or a cozy café celebration?


If an outdoor summer function is not your thing, an indoor affair blends well with the winter months. Who can resist the charm of cozy fireplaces and hygge candles, anyway?

8. ‘Winter Formal’, Everyone?

“What can I wear to a winter wedding in Melbourne?”

If a formal function is your thing, the winter season is indeed the best time for black tie. Your grumpy uncle will no longer complain about being uncomfortable in his tuxedo!

9. Wedding Fatigue, No More!

The calendars of your loved ones are more likely to be filled with weddings during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, a full event calendar may lead to a serious case of wedding fatigue and might force your guests to RSVP ‘no’ to your invitation.

To avoid competing for the attendance of your family and friends, a cold-weathered wedding might be your best bet!

During winter, your guests are probably attending only 1 or 2 events which makes them more excited about your winter celebration.

10. Authentic Winter Feast

Who enjoys a warm hearty meal on a chilly winter day? We all do!

Take advantage of the season and use it as an opportunity to serve your favored comfort foods.


Just ask your caterer about their seasonal menu options and you might end up serving your favorite braised lamb shoulder, roasted beef rib, or crispy pork belly. Yum!

11. Hot Drinks on Me!

Melbourne is undeniably known for its world-class café experience and you might want to feature this Melburnian character on your special day.

If a fancy coffee cart or a nice cocoa bar make you giddy, a wintry celebration is the best way to make these awesome treats possible!

12. Perfect Excuse for Lighting Spree

The days are generally shorter during winter months and this is a great excuse for splurging on illumination.


Make the best out of those early twilights and be creative with those candles, string lights, tealights, and lanterns.


Above mentioned are the top benefits of being a winter bride and groom. Getting hitched in the coldest season is something to look forward to!

To top off your celebration, hire a premium Melbourne wedding photographer to capture your beautiful day.

Our team, JF Studio, offers top-quality and exceptional wedding photography while you’re making the best out of your special day! Contact us today for more information.

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