17 Exceptional Winter Wedding Ideas in Melbourne

17 Exceptional Winter Wedding Ideas in Melbourne

Is a winter wedding a good idea?If you finally decided to answer yes to this question, you’re in for a treat.

The Best Winter Wedding Ideas for You

No matter the season, Melbourne offers tons of stunning ways to embrace your big day. The summer and spring months might be the popular choice for some couples but others choose to tie the knot during the coldest months.

If you decided to be a winter bride and winter groom in the capital of Victoria, this blog is for you! As a wedding photographer in Melbourne, I can assure that the winter wedding ideas below are from a local’s perspective.

Here are 17 of my favourite winter wedding ideas 2020!

1. Choose the Right Venue


Aside from checking the ceremony and reception capabilities, your prospective winter wedding venues should have some solid heating solutions. You want Grandma Amelia to be comfortable, right?

2. Embrace the Cold


Plan accordingly and treat the chilly weather as an ally, not an enemy. Let’s do it like Queen Elsa’s ‘The cold never bothered me anyway!’.

3. Select an Experienced Wedding Photographer


Choose a Melbourne wedding photographer who knows how to work with winter functions. This is a great way to ensure an awesome winter wedding photography that’s double-tap worthy!

4. Splurge on Layers


Not a fan of long-sleeve wedding dresses? Another option is to wear layers that you can take on and off during wedding photography. Look at how awesome this cashmere coat looks!

5. Frosty Cheers


How do you make a winter wedding fun? Decorate your big day with lots of seasonal signages.

6. Incorporate Seasonal Flowers


Embrace the cold season wholeheartedly by using blooms that are in season. Think about oriental lilies, anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, or camellias!

7. Play with Dried Blooms


If you want to add a rustic touch to your celebration, you can integrate some dried flowers to your decoration. You can experiment and use them to accent your bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, aisle design, and boutonnieres!

8. Let it Glow


For an intimate and cozy atmosphere, embrace the low light and complement the tables with lots of candles. Who can say no to a romantic candlelit dinner, anyway?

9. Time for Twigs!


Looking for more rustic winter wedding ideas? Heighten the winter woodland vibe of your celebration by adding some touches of twigs to your decoration.

10. ‘Tis the Season for Snuggling


When planning a wedding, considering the comfort of your guests is an utmost importance. Provide your invitees with cozy blankets to keep them warm and snug throughout your wedding.

11. Mug in Love


Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of hot drink during the winter months? Show your guests some love and spoil them with customized mugs that they can take home.

12. Comfort Cookies


Enhance the wintry feeling of your wedding by treating your guests to some festive cookies. Nothing beats some sweet treats on a cold day, eh?

13. Coffee Bar


A coffee station is another thoughtful idea to keep your guests warm throughout your big day. Treat them to a fresh and toasty brew during the cocktail hour!

14. Cocoa Cart


If coffee doesn’t work for most of your guests (e.g. kids and coffee intolerants), integrate a cocoa bar instead.

15. Season Scents


To create a complete sensorial experience, don’t forget to add the power of fragrance to your celebration. Maximize the season and make your day more unforgettable by using the fruity and floral scents of winter.

16. Fairy Lights


With shorter days and longer nights, the winter solstice is indeed the perfect time to splurge in illumination sources. Create a winter wonderland by adorning your venue with tons of fairy lights!

17. Experiment with Lanterns


Add a twist to your lighting plan by playing with candle lanterns. With your wedding theme in mind, there are tons of varieties and designs to choose from!

Searching for a Wedding Photographer?

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