Instagram-Worthy Spots: Top 5 Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Instagram-Worthy Spots: Top 5 Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Let’s all be honest here: one of the top factors in choosing your venue is its social media appeal, am I right?
As a photographer with a millennial heart, I’m not judging you, folks!
In this period of advanced technology, I totally understand your wedding venue sentiments and how much you value its #aesthetics.
In fact, we have compiled our top venue choices that are perfect not only for hosting your guests but also for your wedding photoshoot!
As a wedding photographer in Melbourne, we have been involved in various weddings across the metro and even in its secret spots.
For this reason, we have come across numerous wedding venues all over the city and some of them are so hard to forget.
Aside from their noteworthy facilities, these estates have delightful features that contributed to their overall #InstagramAesthetic appeal.
I know you can’t wait to know about these venues so without further ado, let’s get this discussion started!

1. Inglewood Estate

Inglewood Estate Wedding

For countryside dreamers, this whimsical venue situated in an isolated valley of Kangaroo Ground is an option that you should highly consider.
Inglewood Estate, a quaint and rustic spot in Melbourne, is known for its charming landscapes that are will blow your mind away.
This estate is a dreamy coalescence of its lush greenery, verdant lake, rustic wood features, rolling hills, and beautiful vineyard.
This venue is like a fresh breath from Melbourne’s modern metropolis!

2. Mornington Golf Club

Mornington Golf Club Wedding

If a venue with a sea-view is where you want to say your I Love You’s, the Mornington Golf Club might be the perfect fit for your dream wedding!
Strategically perched on a clifftop that is facing the Port Phillip Bay, this venue is indeed a magical option for tying the knot.
Aside from its swoon-worthy view, this club is surrounded by manicured gardens that are perfect for taking your wedding photos.
You can say I Do in its sunken garden for your ceremony and you can have your party on one of the two function rooms that this club offers.
Bonus point: this club faces the west direction so you could take several lovely sunset shots during your stay here!

3. Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort and Spa

Balgownie Estate Vineyard Wedding

If a vineyard scene with a rustic appeal is your jam, this estate located in Yarra Valley is a great option for you.
It’s an all-in-one venue where you could host your ceremony, your reception, and even your accommodation!
Besides, the vineyard and the mountain views surrounding the area will serve as your picturesque backdrop for your wedding photoshoot. A total win-win!

4. All Smiles Melbourne Waterfront

All Smiles Melbourne Waterfront Wedding

If you’re searching for the taste of an urban vibe, this waterfront venue is a great option for you.
Located in Victoria Harbour, All Smiles has a laidback appeal that comes from its contemporary design and strategic location.
The venue’s most notable feature is its floor-to-ceiling windows which are amazing portals to the views of the famous Bolte Bridge and the metropolitan Melbourne skyline.

5. Quat Quatta

Quat Quatta Wedding

For vintage aficionados, this historically-rich Victorian mansion might be your wedding venue destiny.
With an amalgamation of ancient elegance and modern charm, Quat Quatta is an excellent option for those who are planning to have a shabby chic theme for their big day.
This venue is filled with columns, patterns, and floor prints that will remind you of the captivating allure of the old times.
Spoiler alert: this mansion will make your grandma happy!

Don’t Forget to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer Melbourne

With numerous venues across the city, Melbourne is indeed an extraordinary place to get hitched. To maximize your wedding image results, don’t forget to hire a savvy photographer that understands your vision when it comes to your wedding photo shoot.
Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experience anyway so make sure that you are partnering with a professional that will capture your special day in the best possible way.