19 Wedding Tasks You Can Do from Home

19 Wedding Tasks You Can Do from Home

Nothing feels more rewarding than ticking a box off your to-do list! While we wish that you and your partner are spending quality time more than ever, we understand that Netflix or TikTok can’t stop the thoughts of your wedding tasks from creeping up in the back of your mind.


Don’t worry! The sudden WFH protocol might have screeched your wed preparation into a halt but there are still some ways to keep the momentum going.

Wedding Tasks You Can Do at Home to Prepare for Your Big Day

Keeping yourself locked inside your home is the best thing you can do now, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t check things off your wedding to-do list. If you’re unsure where to start, here are 19 wedding tasks you can do from home during the lock down.

1. Winning Pins

Take your digital compilation of wedding inspirations to the next level! Instead of mindlessly pinning those pretty wedding ideas into one general board, make your Pinterest more organized by creating separate folders for each event aspect.


Here are some examples of the individual subfolders that you can create under your main wedding board:

– Wedding Arch

– Bridal Bouquet

– Cocktails

– Wedding Lights

– Table Arrangement

– Wedding Flowers

– Signages

– Wedding Photo Ideas

– and many more!!

By creating Pinterest boards for each specific aspect of your wedding, it would be easier to show your particular ideas to your assigned vendors.

If, for example, you’re going to meet your florist, you don’t have to go through a huge folder of several wedding stuff just to show her the exact types of roses that you prefer for your bouquet!

2. Vendor Research

Still in the early planning stages? Whether you’re lying in your bed or lounging on your sofa, this is one of the wedding tasks you can do from home! To avoid overwhelm, narrow down your research by looking for prospective vendors in your wedding location.


If you’re planning your wedding in Melbourne, you can type ‘wedding photographer Melbourne’ instead of ‘wedding photographer Australia’ in the Google search bar. You could also utilize some local vendor directories in event websites such as Style Me Pretty and Wedding Wire.

3. Venue Hunt

Dreaming of having a contemporary rooftop wedding or looking forward to saying I Do in a beach setting? Start creating these visions to reality by researching your dream venue digitally.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can check the blog we created about wedding venues in Melbourne.

4. Create Online Invitations

Impress your guests by sending them a techy and lovely e-vitation! After all, social distancing should not prevent you from inviting your loved ones to your special day.

5. Make your ‘Wedding Day Duties List’

You might not realize it yet, but there are tons of on-the-day tasks that you’ll need help with. Aside from ensuring that you’ll avoid head-on stress during your special moments, task delegation is one of the best ways to include friends in wedding assignments.


To help you create the list, here are some examples of wedding day tasks to assign.

6. Do a Makeup and Hair Trial

Know what beauty look works best for you by trying various hair and makeup styles. You don’t even have to worry about lesson sources as there are tons of virtual classes and YouTube videos hanging around the internet. Thank you, beauty gurus!

7. Mix Your Magic Playlist

Do you want to make your reception a bit more personalized? Customize the music that serenades your guests!


Create a compilation of songs that you want (and you don’t want) your DJ or your band to play on your big day.

8. Just Dance

In this TikTok season, there’s no better time to work on your groove! If you’re currently on a quarantine with your fiancé, you should take this time to practice for your wedding dance number.


With lots of online instructors that offer virtual lessons, you’ll surely find one that fits your needs and preferences.

9. Do a Food Tasting

If your caterer offers delivery and takeout, it would be a great chance to do a menu tasting right at the comfort of your abode. Nowadays, several catering teams can prepare your cuisine choices and deliver them to your house.

10. Try Wedding DIYs

You don’t have to be the craftiest person around the world to create a DIY for your special day. Step away from your phone for one afternoon and create a workspace for crafting.


Paint your flower bottles, watercolor your invites, print out your escort cards, or build your favour boxes!

11. The Vow

Some people believe that isolation urges creativity. If you agree in this sentiment, being stuck in the 4 walls of your home might be the perfect setting for writing your wedding vow.


Just ensure that you won’t leave these writeups lying around the house if your partner is present. You still want your person to be surprised at your ceremony, right?

12. Look Through Wedding Dresses

Browsing through the dresses in bridal boutiques is one of the most exciting tasks for the wives-to-be. But since you can’t try on those beauties along with your Mom or your closest friends, for now, you can take this time to bring the task at home!

Bridal shops won’t mind showing their creations online and looking through these designs will give you an idea about what styles attract you the most.

13. Online Shop Your Décor

From table centerpieces to your reception lighting, there are tons of wedding stuff that you can shop from the comfort of your sofa. Besides, this is one of the best ways to include friends in wedding preparation so call them for help!

14. Modify your Registry

This is probably your longest period of staying at home and you’ve probably realized all the stuff that you need and want. Craving for sweet pastry yet you don’t have any baking equipment? No one would judge you for adding an electric mixer!


Take your stay-at-home journey as an opportunity to register the things you’re missing.

15. Create (Or Update) Your Wedding Website

You don’t have to be a website designer or an IT expert to create a beautiful website for your wedding day! With lots of tools and templates that are available online, you can start doing yours through the drag and drop method.

Use this time to embrace the digital approach by creating a one-stop-site for all the details about your special day. After all, a website is one of the most efficient ways to keep your guests updated with all the information that they need to know!

16. Build Your Wedding Timetable

One of the most important aspects to keep your big day organized is your timeline sheet.


If you already have a rough estimate of your schedule, you can draft a timetable for a coordinated event flow. If you have no idea how to start, you can check our wedding timeline guide.

17. Love Letters to Your Guests

To add a custom touch to your welcome bags, you can also start writing heartfelt letters to your guests. Let your loved ones know how much you appreciate your relationships and how it makes you happy that they were present on your most special day.


There’s no doubt: this added element will surely warm their hearts!

18. Self-Care Routine

Whether it’s skincare, haircare, or any type of personal care, don’t stop doing it! In lockout or not, you need to keep yourself pampered and healthy.

19. Stay-at-Home Dates

With the current situation in consideration, you and your partner are probably driving each other nuts after weeks of complete isolation. Whether it’s the dirty dishes or the constant war in telly remote control, we won’t judge you!


Despite these mundane struggles, you still want to keep the relationship strong, right? By doing some date nights at home, it would be easier to remind yourselves why you love each other (which is very important because you’re still trying to get married!).

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