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Drive-Thru Lovers, You can Now Say I Do to a Fast Food Wedding!

Drive-Thru Lovers, You can Now Say I Do to a Fast Food Wedding!
The bride enjoying the a fried chicken on wedding

When you think that unique and hilarious wedding antics can never go further, you’ll be surprised to find out more bizarre preferences of this modern generation.
For instance, who would have thought that a fast-food wedding will actually be a thing? (I’m sorry Aunt Olivia but your favorite niece won’t mind getting married in Hungry Jacks.)
Aside from being extremely amusing, planning a motif according to your favorite drive-thru is a great chance to capture funny family wedding photos and unusual couple portraits.
So, if you’ve always been enthusiastic about the idea of combo meals and fountain drinks, there must be a fast-food chain that’s waiting to be part of your big day!

1. McDonalds

McDonalds Melbourne wedding

Gone are those days when this fast-food chain only do parties for children’s birthdays (sorry kids).
Turns out that McDonald’s, with its two golden arch logo, can now host couples who want to have a McWedding.
Originating from Hong Kong, the practice of turning this fast food into a wedding reception has already started in Australia.
As reported in Daily Mail, Chris King and Christine Cygan are the first Aussies to celebrate their Holy Mac-trimony with Big Macs and McFries in their menu.
After winning a McWedding in a radio competition, this couple was served with a package that includes a 3-course McDonald’s meal, a wedding celebrant, flowers, McDonald’s-inspired-cake, and assisting the bride in finding her wedding dress.
As for my thoughts about this whole wedding package? I’m lovin’ it!

2. Starbucks

If you and your fiancé’s quality times are usually comprised of caffeinated dates and conversations over Frappuccinos, a green siren can be a perfect touch to your big day.
When you check out the hashtag #StarbucksWedding, you’ll actually find several java junkies who decided to tie the knot in the most popular coffee chain in the world.
Most of the time, these love birds are just stopping by in the coffee store to take their macchiato-inspired wedding portraits.
However, some couples decided to be extreme by saying I Do with baristas as their celebrants. Words cannot espresso how we adore these coffee-inspired weddings a latte!

3. Pizza Hut

Yup, a pizza party is one thing but having a pizza reception is another thing to ponder about.
For couples who want to celebrate their love over unlimited boxes of Pepperoni or Hawaiian Overloads, nothing can stop you now!
Aside from being a well-known chain, Pizza Hut can even serve you with slices of memories for your wedding day.
Besides, who doesn’t really like pizza?
With varieties of flavors to choose from, your meat lover brother and even your vegan friend will surely have a perfect fit for their preferences.
You’ll surely steal a pizza their hearts on your big day!

4. Dunkin Donuts

If your sweet tooth craves for a dessert booth with munchkins and Bavarians, Dunkin Donuts made a solution to satiate those cravings.
For instance, Elizabeth Fischer and Cliff Ranson can’t hide their love for DD that they decided to tie the knot with donut trays and coffee machines as their backdrop.
Who could blame them anyway? The feel-good aroma and the heavenly taste of the muffins are indeed one of the best ways to celebrate the sweetness of love!

5. KFC

KFC Wedding in Australia

For couples who love spending their quality time over a bucket of finger-lickin’ good chicken, you might consider saying I Do to a KFC celebration.
KFC Australia is currently offering wedding packages for those who are planning to get hitched before May 2020.
Aside from freshly cooked Kentucky fried chicken, the package includes a KFC-inspired celebrant and venue decorations.
There’s also a photo booth that’s perfect for capturing your hilarious couple portraits and family wedding photos!

6. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Donut Wedding Cake

If a traditional wedding cake (and its expensive cost) is not your jam, there are several alternatives that you might want to consider for your wedding reception.
If you’re much more interested in having a donut wonderland on your special day, you’re in for a treat!
Aside from providing the possibility of having a multiple-tiered wedding cake filled with donuts, Krispy Kreme can also be a source of fancified sweets for your dessert table.
Do-nut worry about the traditions; your guests will surely love this idea.
Bonus point: Krispy Kreme can even serve sweet favors as your wedding giveaway!

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Love is delicious and if your delicious means fast food, say no more!
If donut towers or bucket meals excite you more than the traditional wedding practices, just let it be and make it happen.
Having fun and making wonderful memories on your big day are the things that matter anyway!
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