18 Most Popular Wedding Flowers for Your Romantic Big Day

18 Most Popular Wedding Flowers for Your Romantic Big Day

Flowers: such beautiful bits of creation that make you think of all things that are natural and romantic, and what’s more natural and romantic than tying the knot with the one person you want to spend your life?

What are The Best Flowers for a Wedding?

Aside from their undeniable beauty, flowers also have the convenience of having their very own meanings. Thus, flowers are all the more the staple for weddings, which, as we all know, are supposed to be quite full of significance.

Continue reading and see the most popular wedding flowers that have been tried and tested to make your big day bloom.

1. Rose


Perhaps the most famous flower ever, the rose has always symbolized love and beauty, making it a popular subject among poets, painters, and other artists.

Thousands of varieties of roses are grown commercially, and many of these are available to year-round to brides of every season.

The three most popular types of roses are the classic hybrid tea roses, the smaller spray roses, and the old-fashioned and more expensive garden roses.

2. Peony


Delicate and fragrant, the peony represents bashfulness. It’s known for its bright colors that make it especially popular for a spring or summer wedding. You can find them in beautiful shades of red, pink, white, yellow, coral, and mahogany.

Its large blossoming petals can make a gorgeous bouquet on their own, but pairing them with other cream-colored flowers will also do well. Perfect for wedding photography!

3. Ranunculus


Similar to rose and peony but more cost-effective, the ranunculus has lush, dense petals that are perfect for spring, summer, or fall wedding. It comes in a range of beautiful colors like white, pink, orange, and yellow.

This flower is a means of saying, “I am dazzled by your charms” to your partner. How romantic is that?

4. Tulip


Signifying consuming love and happy years, the tulip works beautifully with almost any wedding detail, from the bouquet to the table arrangements.

Its prime season is the spring, though it is also available during much of the year. Usually paired with peonies but can stand on its own, its oblong-shaped petals come in shades of white, cream, pastels and vibrant colors.

5. Carnation


Famous for its frilly petals that come in a variety of colors, the carnation has a scientific name that translates to “flower of the gods.” It is one of the oldest cultivated flowers and is known for its clove-like aroma that is simply relaxing.

The predominant shades are pale pink and peach, but it’s also available in colors white, red, yellow, purple, and even green. Carnations are in bloom most of the year, so you’re set if you’re planning a winter wedding.

6. Hydrangea


Shaped like beating hearts, the hydrangea’s full blooms represent emotion and perseverance.

It comes in the feminine and elegant colors of white and pale pink, but you can also find it in shades of burgundy, green, blue, peach, and pastel yellow.

Especially popular among brides are sky blue hydrangeas, which exudes undeniable airy elegance. Your Melbourne wedding photographer will surely love the flower’s vibe in photos!

7. Orchid


Available in a great variety of colors, the exotic blooms of orchids signify beauty and refinement. This timeless flower gives off an uplifting aura that works wonderfully for tropical weddings, like the ones set on the beach.

8. Gardenia


If we’re talking about lovely white blooms, then gardenia must be part of our conversation.

The romantic gardenia symbolizes grace and elegance and has a sultry fragrance that is a fascinating contradiction to its soft appearance. It looks beautiful in a bouquet, as a hair accessory, as a corsage, or floating in a bowl with candles.

9. Dahlia


Boldly sophisticated, the dahlia is known for its pointy round petals. This flower represents inner strength and dignity, which are essential for any couple wishing to live in a marriage.

It blossoms in a range of colors, from soft to intense, which are all charmingly dramatic. Get your Melbourne wedding photographer and let him do his magic in producing excellent pictures with this unique flower.

10. Lily of the Valley


Unleash your inner Kate Middleton and grace your wedding with the presence of these tiny bell-shaped flowers.

Referred to as “the ladder to heaven,” the lily of the valley has a fresh fragrance that is excellent for any season, though it is more available during the spring. It mostly blooms in white, though you can also find it in the much rarer rosy pink color.

11. Stephanotis


Characterized by small star-shaped, waxy blooms, the Stephanotis speaks of marital happiness.

This soft-scented white flower grows throughout the year, and it’s particularly popular among the more traditional weddings. It’s simple and classy.

12. Baby’s Breath


Dainty in appearance and similarly delicate in fragrance, the baby’s breath signifies innocence and purity. It looks good in a number of wedding details, like the bouquet, flower crowns, groomsmen’s boutonniere, and the décor.

13. Calla Lily


Excellent for both traditional and modern weddings, the calla lily means “magnificent beauty,” which alludes to its sleek appearance.

It makes a bold statement with its trumpet blossom and long stem, which can look great in a bouquet or a tall vase.

The calla lily offers a variety of colors from yellow, orange, and pink to the popular creamy ivory of summer weddings and dark purple of art deco affairs.

14. Daisy


Known for exuding a simple and relaxing vibe, the daisy signifies innocence, purity, and true love.

It blooms year-round and is guaranteed to brighten up the mood in any room it graces. Thus, using it in your wedding, whatever the season, is a perfectly lovely idea.

15. Sweet Pea


As sweet and delicate as its name suggests, the sweet pea signifies lasting pleasure. It has a rich candy-like scent and ruffled petals that come in shades of white, pink, and purple.

Sweet peas bloom during springtime, so they’re a right choice if you’re planning on a spring wedding.

16. Anemone


Known for its depth-adding dramatic black center, the anemone signifies anticipation, making it such a romantic representation of the couple’s emotions.

It works nicely with a non-traditional event and is readily available from winter to spring.

17. Pansy


Symbolizing love and admiration, the pansy has an exotic look that creates a bold and cheerful ambiance for your big day.

A single flower comes with a blend of colors that gives an undeniable eye-catching charm, especially when arranged in a bridal bouquet and on the tabletops.

18. Succulent


Get on-trend and adorn your big day with succulents, which represent enduring and timeless love. Now, that’s what we’re talking about!

They are durable, heat-resistant, and low-maintenance, so they are very open to whatever you have in mind, from the casual to the more elegant affairs.


Picking out your wedding flowers can be a lengthy business, but no worries!

Choose the ones you believe can speak for you the best or the ones you think will greatly suit the wedding picture you have in mind, and talk to your florist. I’m sure it will all be perfectly romantic.

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