The Ultimate Checklist of Every Wedding Flower Arrangements

The Ultimate Checklist of Every Wedding Flower Arrangements

There is no doubt: flowers are wedding staples. Ever since we were little, we all know that every bride is supposed to hold a flower bouquet as they walk down the aisle.

As we grow older, we then realize that floral presence is not limited to the hands of the future wife; flowers are practically everywhere in the ceremony and the reception.

If you’re planning a wedding, it can be especially overwhelming to keep track of every bouquet and arrangement that you need to prepare. But no worries! To make things easier for you, we proudly present this comprehensive wedding flower arrangements checklist.

Take down your notes, talk to your florist, and get the best ,wedding photographer in Melbourne to make your big day a beautiful sight to behold, both in person and in pictures!

For the Wedding Party

First of all, each member of the wedding party is supposed to have a personal flower. It is never limited to the bride and her bridesmaids, so who else? The answer is a good number of people who have essential roles in your big day.

1. Bride’s bouquet


The most obvious item on the checklist, a bridal bouquet is a part of every bride’s getup. Wedding flowers come with significant meanings, so it is only right that the queen of the celebration is holding some.

There are different types of bridal bouquets, so make sure to browse and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

2. Bride’s toss bouquet


This is another vital part of the event, the one that bachelorettes are waiting for during the reception. Make it pretty, to ensure that the lucky catcher will invite you when she says her I Do in the future!

3. Bridesmaids’ bouquets


Those pretty ladies who assist and take care of the bride before, during, and after the ceremony deserve gorgeous bouquets of their own.

Make the bridesmaids’ bouquets complement that of the bride, and capture the matching beauty with excellent Wedding Photography in Melbourne.

4. Flower girls’ bouquets (or pomander, or basket of petals)


The flower girls also require special attention when it comes to wedding flower arrangements. Give them little bouquets, which can be in the form of pomanders, or just let them carry cute baskets of petals to scatter down the aisle

5. Bride’s floral crown or hair flowers


If you believe that your bridal look requires flowers on your hair, you must also talk to your florist about designing a floral crown or another form of floral hair décor. It will undoubtedly increase the fairytale feel of your appearance.

6. Bridesmaids and flower girls’ flower crowns


Similarly, if you picture your bridesmaids and flower girls with flower crowns or other arrangements of hair flowers, then go for it!

7. Groom’s boutonniere


As the king of the celebration, the groom must wear a boutonniere that looks like it’s made with a similar amount of care as that of the bridal bouquet.

A good boutonniere must bring out the balance between the groom’s handsome masculinity and tender, loving nature.

8. Groomsmen’s boutonnieres

Like the bride and her bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen must wear matching wedding flower arrangements, this time in the form of boutonnieres. Wedding Photographers in Melbourne would agree that it will make for excellent pictures.

9. Ring bearer’s boutonniere


Don’t forget the cute little boy who carries the star couple’s wedding rings. He also needs a boutonniere, which can be similar to those worn by the groomsmen.

10. Mother of the bride’s corsage or bouquet


An especially important person, without whom there would be no bride, the mother of the bride must have a personal flower on her person.

It can be a corsage, or you can also opt for a bouquet, similar or a little different from those of the bridesmaids.

11. Mother of the groom’s corsage or bouquet

Just like the bride’s mother, the mother of the groom also needs a corsage or a bouquet of her own.

12. Father of the bride’s boutonniere


The one who usually delivers the bride to her groom, the bride’s father also requires a boutonniere on his attire, which can be an exact copy of the groomsmen’s or with a small deviation.

13. Father of the groom’s boutonniere

If the bride’s father has one, then the groom’s dad must also have a boutonniere of his own.

14. Grandmothers’ corsages


If the bride’s and the groom’s grandmothers are in attendance to celebrate the big day, give them special recognition by adorning them with their own corsages.

15. Grandfathers’ boutonnieres


Likewise, the couple’s grandfathers must also have boutonnieres on their suits, so the guests can easily trace where the couple’s good looks came from.

16. Officiant’s boutonniere


The officiant stands in front with the bride and groom, so a boutonniere completes the lovely scene. It also speaks of his or her importance in the couple’s tying of the knot.

17. Ushers’ boutonnieres

With their friendliness and patience, the ushers make sure that your guests are seated comfortably and that the celebration proceeds accordingly. Thus, they also get to wear boutonnieres.

For the Ceremony

The following are the wedding flower arrangements you need to plan for to make the ceremony as magical as possible.

18. Entryway or welcome table arrangements


Increase your guests’ anticipation by giving careful consideration to this checklist item. Make it as romantically welcoming as possible.

19. Altar or chuppah arrangements


This requires very special attention. After all, this is exactly where you’re going to say your vows and make it official. The flower arrangements must serve to make the memorable moment all the more beautiful.

20. Pew or chair arrangements


Attending to the pew or chair arrangements will surely make your guests feel more involved in the celebration.

21. Aisle decorations


One of the most romantic wedding moments is when the bride slowly walks down the aisle while the groom waits patiently, and tearfully, at the altar. Make the moment more magical by carefully planning how the aisle should look.

22. Tossing petals for guests


Why not have the guests toss petals at the bride as she glides to her groom? A flowery drizzle will surely make the ceremony more fairytale-like.

For the Reception

The celebration right after the couple is officially married, the reception must have no shortage of wedding flowers. Below are the things you need:

23. Newlywed’s chair decorations


The stars of the party are supposed to shine above all else, so their chair decorations must be quite remarkable.

24. Flowers for wedding cake


Flowers can also grace the wedding cake, the cutting of which represents the first activity done as a married couple.

25. Cake table arrangements


This is mainly to accentuate the wedding cake better.

26. Centerpieces


Give every table a wedding feel as guests enjoy the food you have prepared.

27. Cocktail table arrangements


Make the cocktail tables inviting so your guests can chat comfortably.

28. Bar arrangements


The bar also needs a floral makeover, welcoming to those who need a drink.

29. Escort card table arrangements


Yes, the escort card table also needs a flower arrangement. We are on a roll here!

30. Buffet table/food station arrangements


The food is well-planned, so it’s only right to present it as such.

31. Lounge area arrangements


The flowery presence should make the area equal parts relaxing and stylish.

32. Powder room decorations


Even the powder room gets the floral memo. It’s a big day, after all!

33. Getaway car arrangements


What better way to exit the place with unquestionable style? Give your getaway car a flower arrangement that will leave a lasting impression.


Is it overwhelming? Well, it can be, but you don’t have to worry if you have the right people around you. Engage your florist to check off the list gradually, and you’ll soon find it accomplished. Also, get an excellent wedding photographer to maximize the flower arrangements’ beauty in the pictures.

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