17 Best Wedding Destinations in Australia

17 Best Wedding Destinations in Australia

With an area of over 7 million square kilometres, Australia has no shortage when it comes to breathtaking sceneries and awesome experiences. This huge country and its seven states managed to cram the land (and the waters) with unimaginable wonders! These are the reasons why most of its locals and even foreigners explore Australia to say I Do in its world-class wedding destinations.
Considering the country’s wide variety of spectacular spots, it might be challenging for couples like you to pick one location among the long list. To help you in this matter, we have compiled the top Aussie destinations according to the country’s local wedding photographers and insiders!

Victoria Wedding Destinations

Though it is considered as the smallest state in the mainland of Australia, Victoria has many wonderful gems to offer! Within its 238,000 square kilometres, thousands of mind-blowing attractions are waiting to be discovered by your own eyes.
Here are the top places to consider when planning your wedding destination in Victoria.

1. Melbourne

wedding destinations in Australia

If you’re looking for an authentic city lifestyle for your big day, this Victorian capital offers the best metro experiences for your wedding. Aside from its majestic skyscrapers and bustling nightlife, Melbourne is also a haven of food, arts, culture, and sports.
If impressing your wedding guests with your menu is a top priority for you, this metropolitan destination might be your best bet. With world-class chefs, outstanding restaurants, and top-notch catering companies, your invitees will surely head home with big smiles on their faces.
Melbourne is also a great destination for couples who want a memorable pre-wedding or post-wedding event.
Do you want to try café hopping with your loved ones? Melbourne is filled with those moody and artsy coffee shops.
Do you want to do a nature trip on the outskirts of the city? Melbourne is close to Yarra Valley and you can try their hot air balloon ride over the green fields and gorgeous river!
Bonus point: there’s a vast pool of amazing wedding vendors and wedding photographers in Melbourne to choose from!

2. Sorrento

wedding destinations in Australia

Known for being a holiday town, this seafront jewel in Victoria is home to various outdoor activities that can satiate the wanderlust of adventurous couples.
Sorrento offers art walks and sightseeing experiences, but the cream of the crop lies in its idyllic waters! If you’re planning to have a beach wedding, you might want to consider this picturesque town for amazing wedding photography results!
Once the big day is over, you can do your post-wedding event by experiencing the beauty of Sorrento’s waters with your loved ones.
Aside from beach hopping, you might opt to go fishing, surfing, or swimming with the dolphins! How’s that for a memorable (and unique) after-wedding activity?

3. Port Fairy

wedding destinations in Australia

For a touch of whimsy for your big day, a wedding in Port Fairy might do the trick!Nestled in the other end of GOR (Great Ocean Road), this charming village has been a top spot for imaginative brides.
Port Fairy’s stone cottages, dreamy gardens, and tranquil waterfronts will make you feel like your doing your wedding in a Disney setting!

4. Gippsland

wedding destinations in Australia

If you’re envisioning a countryside vibe for your big day, this Victorian region is a great option for your rustic dreams!
Gippsland is mostly associated with its vast fields, old-fashioned cabins, and antiquated barns which make this destination a rustic wonderland.

Northern Territory Wedding Destinations

A sparsely populated state, Northern Territory offers an authentic outback experience with its remote destinations and striking sceneries. Have you heard about the world-renowned Uluru? Well yes, it is located in this state!

5. Alice Springs

wedding destinations in Australia

Also regarded as ‘Alice’, Alice Springs is considered as a haven of Australia’s outback beauty. This town might be a remote destination, but its wonders are beyond description!
In addition to being a gateway to Uluru, Alice Springs is a utopia of splendid sights and exciting activities.
For your wedding photography itinerary, you might want to include the Finke Gorge National Park, the Olive Pink Botanic Garden, and the historic Aboriginal spots!

6. Katherine

wedding destinations in Australia

When the wilderness meets the tropics, a charming town of Katherine is one of its unique emergences. This town might not be enlaced with sparkling and soft seashores, but this beguiling destination can also satisfy the needs of the tropical lovers.
Among Katherine’s natural wonders are the Cutta Cutta Caves, the gorge system, the mystical river, the majestic Edith Falls, and the cozy hot spring!You can also take your guests into remarkable activities such as canoeing, fishing, or helicopter riding!

Western Australia Wedding Destinations

Deemed as the largest state of the country, Western Australia (WA) is undoubtedly one of the richest states when it comes to wildlife biodiversity.

7Unofficially deemed as the ‘pearling capital of Australia’, this seaside town in WA is famous for its rich pearling history.

Aside from its pearl heritage that dates to the 1880s, Broome is also known for its long stretch of white and soft beaches that turns into golden paradise during the golden hours. This breathtaking destination is a perfect choice for sunset weddings in the seashore!
If you’re looking for a distinct after-wed activity, you might want to try Broome’s cruising tours or sunset camel riding.

8. Esperance

wedding destinations in Australia

A top favorite of wedding photographers, this magnificent town is a breathtaking combination of sparkling beaches, rich wildlife, and verdant landscapes.
As if these features are not enough, Esperance is also the home to the famous Pink Lake which is officially named Lake Hillier!
If you would bring your wedding here, you wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of photo opportunities. There’s no exaggeration involved but almost every corner of Esperance is totally worthy of your wedding photography shoot!

9. Perth

wedding destinations in Australia

With its towering buildings and thriving landscapes, this beach city in WA is an epitome of nature and urban life’s harmony.
Perth is a perfect destination for couples who can’t choose between a nature-inspired wedding or a metropolitan wedding.
Because this city is surrounded by magical beaches, this place allows you to say I Do in a tropical place without worrying about inaccessibility from the comforts of life!

Queensland Wedding Destinations

With its warm climate and prominent spots, Queensland’s most prominent industry is its tourism. Below are some of the state’s most precious destinations.

10. Airlie Beach

wedding destinations in Australia

If you’re into a backpacker lifestyle and you’re planning to elope with your beau, this quaint beach town in Queensland might be your ideal destination.
Famous for being the gateway to the Whitsunday Coast, Airlie Beach has been a utopia of travelers who are planning to hop into a mighty cruise across the Whitsunday Islands.
If visiting the Whitsundays is in your wedding bucket list, you might want to consider getting hitched in the mainland (aka Airlie Beach) and doing your honeymoon in the islands.
Besides, Airlie Beach is a paradise itself! With plenty of activities offered, this coastal town will surely be a memorable place to tie the knot.
Don’t forget to try one or two of their water activities such as scuba diving, sailing, jet-skiing, and cruising!

11. Birdsville

wedding destinations in Australia

Do you want to experience an intimate wedding in one of the remotest places in Australia? Though it’s rarely on the lists of top Aussie destinations, Birdsville managed to cram some exquisite sights within its region.
If you want to level up your wedding imaginations, you might want to say your symbolic I Do’s in the town’s Big Red Sand Dunes. The reddish desert will surely create an amazing contrast for your wedding setup!
During your location shoot, you might also want to consider dropping by in the glorious Diamantina River or the stunning Lake Eyre. Your wedding photos will surely be amazing!

New South Wales Wedding Destinations

Dubbed as the most populous state in Australia, New South Wales (NSW) is indeed a melting pot of culture, arts, and unique heritage. And oh, let’s not forget the fact that the huge swells of its waters make NSW a haven for surfers!

12. Yamba

wedding destinations in Australia

Usually considered as a utopia for surfers, this little town in New South Wales is well-known for its high waves. But more than being a surfing spot, Yamba is also a beautiful place for saying I Do.
This bohemian destination offers stunning wedding venues with gorgeous sea views and striking landscapes. Also, highly regarded with its hippie lifestyle and perfect climate, Yamba can double as your wedding location and honeymoon spot.

13. Byron Bay

wedding destinations in Australia

With the coalescence of luxury and bohemian atmosphere, Byron Bay is considered as one of the favorite holiday spots in New South Wales. This coastal town is actually the Asgard of Australia because it is the home of The Mighty Thor (aka Chris Hemsworth)!
If you and your beau have always been thalassophiles, Byron Bay is a wonderful getaway for your big day. With luxurious wedding venues around its coastal areas, you are bound to have an extraordinary sea-view wedding or beach wedding!
To maximize your stay in this town, don’t forget to try the local activities before or after your big day.
Aside from the town’s booming water sports, you might want to experience Byron Bay’s skydiving, hang-gliding, or hot-air balloon ride!

South Australia Wedding Destinations

Do you know that the South Australia state covers some of the most arid areas of the whole country? Nevertheless, this multiple-bordered state is still gifted with world-class flavors, striking artforms, and rich heritage. Here are some of its most priced destinations:

14. Barossa Valley

wedding destinations in Australia

Do you want to splurge on your wedding bar? Why not treat your guests with the best selection of wines?
Barossa Valley is a dreamland for couples who don’t mind the extra costs of high-quality bottles of Riesling, Shiraz, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Grenache.
Aside from being a haven of flavors, this South Australian destination is also enlaced with glorious landscapes and scenic farms that are perfect for your wedding photography!

15. Adelaide

wedding destinations in Australia

One of the most vibrant cities in Australia, Adelaide is a metropolitan jewel that boasts its arts, flavours, culture, and entertainment.
This city is considered as the gateway to the state’s best wine regions (such as Barossa and Claire Valley) so you’ll be offered the finest bottles for your celebration!
Adelaide is also filled with flourishing restaurant industry so be prepared to try multiple cuisines while finalizing your wedding menu. With a wide variety of amazing flavours, it will definitely be hard to decide!

Tasmania Wedding Destinations

An isolated island state in Australia, Tasmania is known for its outback spots and distinct sceneries. Below are the top picks by the local wedding photographers:

16. Hobart

wedding destinations in Australia

If a casual wedding is your thing, this southern jewel might be the perfect option for you and your beau!
Crammed with laidback spots and fun things to try, Hobart has been one of the top Tasmanian choices for easygoing pairs. With amazing breweries, artsy restaurants, and cool bars, you’ll surely be astonished by the town’s variety of casual activities.
In addition to its laidback vibe, you’ll surely love this place with its Instagram-worthy landscapes and picturesque sea views!

17. Cygnet

Nestled between the Huon river and the D’Entrecasteaux channel, Cygnet is a cozy and little town that fits the needs of a whimsical bride.
This artsy community is home to charming landscapes, and you might want to consider booking a venue that is near these magical sceneries.
Some of the town’s most famous spots are the following: the serene Verona Sands, the scenic bay of Randalis, and the Cygnet Art Trail. Perfect for your wedding photos!

Looking for a Wedding Photographer?

Now that we listed all the best Aussie destinations for your big day, you might be wondering if you could find the best wedding vendors in these localities. The answer is YES.
Australia is filled with talented local wedding professionals who can assist you in bringing your wonderful visions into reality!
If you decided to tie the knot in Melbourne and you’re still looking for a professional team who can document your wedding in the best possible way, look no further.
JF Studio, a team of wedding photographers in Melbourne, can help you achieve your wedding photography goals! Contact us today.

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