Make Your Wedding Unique Through These Clever Wedding Ideas

Make Your Wedding Unique Through These Clever Wedding Ideas

If you are one of those couples who want to create an exceptional wedding day, we totally understand your sentiments.
Being unique is a part of human nature and we have no intention of messing up with your distinctive DNA!
In fact, we would actually like to foster your desire to have an extraordinary wedding through this blog that we created for you.
From little specifics like imaginative escort cards to major details such as choosing candid wedding photography, this blog is filled with fresh and exciting ideas that will surprise your guests during your big day. Read on to know more!

1. Creative Transportation

If guest transport is involved in your big day, take advantage of this part to wow your invitees with imaginative (and safe) options!
If you’re dealing with short distances, you can use long golf carts with an old school appeal to haul your loved ones.
If you’re having a waterfront wedding on an island, you can bring your guests to and from the venue through mini boats or even a luxurious yacht.
If you’re planning a modern vibe transport, you can hire party buses to get the party started while on the journey!

2. ‘Memory-ble’ Guest Books

Guest books are already part of all wedding traditions, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be traditional (and boring).
To make it more fun and engaging, fill your guestbook area with an empty ‘memory’ bowl (this could be a glass bowl) and put some cards and pens beside it.
Leave a visible note in a frame or a chalkboard that’s asking your guests to think and contribute their much-loved memory of you and your spouse.
You could thank us later.

3. Customized Escort Cards

Make your visitors feel appreciated on your big day by incorporating hand-written notes in each escort card.
It could be as simple as “We’re happy that you’re here today!” to more specific as “Thank you Susan for driving from Sydney to celebrate with us!”.
Spoiler alert: your loved ones will certainly feel valued!

4. Incorporate Cultural Traditions

To add an amusing flavor to your reception program, don’t hesitate to integrate cultural performances in front of your guests.
If you are not comfortable performing in front of people, you can hire professional performers to do it for you!
These jigs will surely add amazing energy to your celebration.
Besides, these performances will bring out authentic emotions that are great for candid wedding photography!

5. Prepare a Lounge Area

Create a cozy space for quick breaks and mingling!
A lounge area is a great idea to make an atmosphere of comfort and camaraderie among your visitors while they’re resting.
Fill the area with fluffy couches and pillows for a homey feeling while your guests are lounging.

6. Buy Kids’ Toys

If your wedding is not tagged as ‘adults-only’, it’s safe to expect that kids would be around during your special celebration.
After all, they’re cute, squishy, and entertaining to be with! However, these kiddies can be a little tough to be around when they’re bored and grumpy (real talk).
To avoid unpleasant tantrums and ugly cries, keep these babies occupied with toys and activity materials.
Not only will these keep their attention, but these children (and their guardians) will also love you even more.
Kids also want to have fun during your big day, anyway!

7. Hire a Candid Photographer

Candid wedding photography is something that you should consider when you want your images to be unique.
Yes, a few posed portraits are a must but most of your pictures should remind you of the great and amazing things that happened on your wedding day.
To achieve natural-looking and emotion-filled images, hiring a candid wedding photographer is highly recommended.
So there you go! These are the 7 exciting wedding ideas that you could execute on your special day.
There’s no doubt that these concepts will add a remarkable flavor to your celebration which you and your guests won’t forget.
If you’re looking for a candid wedding photographer in Melbourne to bring a unique twist to your wedding photos, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact forms.
We would love to capture your exceptional moments into candid images that will still make you smile 50 years from now!

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