Get Married in Victoria: Top 6 Wedding Destinations in 2020

Get Married in Victoria: Top 6 Wedding Destinations in 2020
the best wedding destinations in australia

With a variety of choices for different types of couples, Victoria is indeed one of the most sought-after Australian states for tying the knot.
From the quaint venues in Port Fairy to the amazing creators offering the best wedding photography in Melbourne, you’ll surely swoon over the wonderful benefits of getting married in Victoria.
So without further ado, let’s talk about the state’s top cities and towns for different styles and concepts of your dream wedding!

1. Mornington Peninsula: For a Convenient Beach Wedding

Just an hour away from the bustle of Melbourne city, this accessible paradise is something that you might want to consider for beach style I Do’s.
If you’re a couple who wants a magical beach wedding without the hassle of long drives, getting hitched in one of the scenic venues of this peninsula is a practical option.
With the picturesque appeal of Port Phillip Bay and the Bass Strait, you wouldn’t have thought that this southeast jewel is just an hour away from the metro.
Aside from its charming seashores, the Mornington Peninsula is also donned with other prominent spots and activities that are perfect for a pre-wedding or post-wedding event.
This destination has national parks, golf courses, spas, and vineyards that your guests will surely love!

2. Ballarat: For an Artsy Wedding

If you’re a couple who’s looking for ways to reflect your creativity on your big day, this large inland city is a great option!
With gorgeous streetscapes and 19th-century architecture, you’ll be presented with numerous opportunities for having an exceptional backdrop for tying the knot.
Ballarat’s overall appeal is also prominent due to its historical background, thanks to its Gold Rush-era origins.

3. Gippsland: For a Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding Destinations in Australia

Mostly known for its countryside vibe, this Victorian region is a haven of amazing venues that are perfect for couples who are drawn to a rustic concept.
Gippsland’s quaint cabins and old-fashioned barns are perfect backgrounds for getting hitched in a countryside way.
Aside from these venue concepts, the regions’ picturesque woodlands and farms blend well to the overall appeal of a rustic wedding.

4. Port Fairy: For a Whimsical Garden Wedding

Situated in the other end of the Great Ocean Road, this mesmerizing village is a top spot for lovebirds who want a whimsy destination.
Port Fairy’s stone cottages and idyllic waterfronts will surely set the right impression not only for you but also for your incoming guests.
Mostly covered by Norfolk pine trees and verdant bushes, its charming garden venues are great options for turning your magical imaginations to reality.
Always been wanting to experience those hanging string lights and fairy lights in the outdoors? Port Fairy is the perfect place to do that!

5. Phillip Island: For a Wildlife-Inspired Wedding

Wildlife-Inspired Wedding destination in Phillip Island

If you’re planning to do a memorable pre-wedding or post-wedding activity for your guests, Phillip Island must be your spot.
Famous for its sunset penguin parade, this southern coast beauty is a home to rich wildlife that you and your loved ones will surely appreciate.
Aside from the adorable flocks of penguins, Phillip Island is also known for its fur seals, koalas, and many more.
If you plan to include wildlife viewing in your pre or post-wedding itinerary, don’t forget to remind your guests to leave no trace and to be responsible in front of these innocent creatures.

6. Melbourne: For a Metro Wedding

If you’re particularly interested in towering buildings and bustling city life, the capital of Victoria is your best bet.
Infusing your wedding with the flavor of Melbourne is certainly something that will make your big day unforgettable.
From its flavorful variety of cuisines to its artistic venues, every aspect of your wedding will be easily taken care of.
Besides, being the capital of Victoria makes it home not only for modern venues but also for a plethora of professional vendors.
Whether you need a florist with a contemporary style or a creator to provide you the best wedding photography in Melbourne, you’ll easily find it here!
From artistic venues to nature-inspired events, Victoria is indeed an excellent option for various preferences of different couples.
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