Top 20 Wedding Blogs in Australia and Around the World

Top 20 Wedding Blogs in Australia and Around the World

Everybody wants a perfect wedding, who doesn’t? Brides, in particular, put a lot of effort into making sure that every single detail is accounted for when it comes to preparing for their big day.


However, wedding planning is not exactly a breeze. It is an endeavor that requires an abundance of inspiration. You cannot go far without a beautiful mind picture that keeps you motivated.

Luckily for this modern age, we have the internet to provide us with numerous resources to get incredible ideas. Only a few clicks, and we can start painting our dream weddings with all the necessary elements.

,Wedding photography Melbourne experts agree that the most excellent pictures are taken from the weddings planned with the most inspiration.

To make your work easier, scroll through the following list of the top 20 wedding blogs in Australia. Visit their websites and start getting inspirations for the biggest day of your life!

1. ,Style Me Pretty


One of the most popular wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty is a reliable source for all things pretty. Their website offers inspirations for everything future brides and grooms will ever need for their big day.

You can purchase their ultimate wedding guides, and you can look through their catalogs of best vendors and venues around the world. Browse through their archive of latest trends and beautiful real weddings, and read their tips and tricks for every wedding planner out there.

2. ,Junebug Weddings


A world-famous blog, Junebug Weddings is dedicated to empowering couples to plan a wedding that speaks of their personal style.

The website features well-written articles and excellent photography, and you will totally be inspired by their archive of real weddings, wedding styles, and dress designs.

They also offer a directory of recommended wedding authorities around the world, so you’ll know whom to call for professional help.

3. ,Farewell Fiancé


Known for its collection of great pictures and original articles, Farewell Fiancé is a very modern online bridal magazine that focuses on fashion and beauty, while also covering health and wellness.

It’s like Vogue for weddings. You’ll get so many fashionable ideas that you’re going to look like a model on your wedding photos.

4. ,Hitched


Also an authority on wedding planning, Hitched has helped millions of couples with their big day preparations.

Hitched equips brides- and grooms-to-be with venue choices and prospects for wedding vendors. Their website also offers inspiration for your wedding dress and helps you to dream up how every member of your bridal party should look.

5. ,Ruffled


When you visit Ruffled Wedding Blog, you’ll know you’re on the right website. Ruffled features luxury weddings, and you’ll get lost in the magic of them all. They offer gorgeous ideas for wedding designs, wedding styles, and even wedding gowns.

The blog founder loves vintage, so you’ll see a lot of vintage big day inspirations, especially on the dresses. It’s all very timeless and sophisticated.

6. ,Wedding Chicks


Another very helpful blog, Wedding Chicks has a website that you should definitely check out. They can start you up with real weddings, from which you can glean valuable advice from newlyweds who know what they’re talking about.

They feature excellent wedding vendors and exclusive partners who are guaranteed to glam up the big day you’re dreaming of. They can also help you design your own wedding website.

7. ,Rock n Roll Bride


If you aim to be quite the alternative bride, Rock n Roll Bride is the blog for you. Dare to make a statement on your wedding day, and Rock n Roll Bride will help you be as boldly creative as possible.

Visit their website, and you’ll see incredible stories of real weddings that will definitely inspire you to make your big day rock.

8. ,Rustic Wedding Chic


The brainchild of famous wedding expert Maggie Lord, Rustic Wedding Chic is a leading wellspring of inspiration for an elegant, rustic, and chic special day.

The blog offers valuable insights on wedding design, clothes, vendors, and venues. The featured real weddings are so stylish and romantic, you’ll just keep reading.

9,. Green Wedding Shoes


Green Wedding Shoes is a blog that is big on personalization. After all, a wedding is about the two people getting married, so it should be integrated with their own styles.

The blog is run by an artistic married couple, so you know the ideas they offer are bound to be artistically romantic. The blog also recommends great artists to help turn your dream wedding into reality.

10. ,The Wedding Playbook


The Wedding Playbook is another excellent website that’s sure to get you on-trend.

They feature fabulous real wedding stories, Hollywood weddings among them, so you’re sure to get tips on how to be classy on your big day. Read through the articles and gain insights on every possible detail on your wedding planning checklist.

11. ,Nouba


Nouba is a popular wedding blog known for its directory of most trusted wedding vendors in Australia and New Zealand.

You can also get inspiration by browsing through its archives on engagement, real weddings, bridal fashion, flowers, and venues. Also available are DIY ideas that will motivate you to give a more personal touch to your wedding details.

12. ,Polka Dot Bride


A very popular Australian wedding blog, Polka Dot Bride caters to brides and grooms alike. It’s full of inspirational real weddings to read about, and the photos on the website are excellent.

You’ll get ideas for everything you’ll need for the wedding planning. It really is ‘the feel good wedding blog.’

13. ,The Style Co


Stylish weddings and great pictures, The Style Co is an internet destination for those who’d love a flair on their big day. The featured real weddings will surely give you insights on designs, venues, and vendors. You’ll want to check out their website – the aesthetics won’t let you down!

14. ,Ivory Tribe


Ivory Tribe specializes in local weddings in the beautiful state of Victoria.

From their website, you can see that they really give importance to excellent photography, so there are so many gorgeous pictures to inspire you. They also have a directory of hand-picked suppliers in Victoria, including styling experts, wedding planners, photographers, florists, and venues.

15. ,Australia’s Wedding Guide


You definitely should stop by Australia’s Wedding Guide if you’re planning to have a wedding anywhere in Australia.

They literally have a link for every state of the country, so you’re guaranteed to get something from it. The wedding planning tips are quite helpful, and the real wedding accounts are undeniably romantic.

16. ,Wedding Guide


Wedding Guide is another popular blog that focuses on the local wedding scene of Australia. They have an extensive collection of well-written articles to gain ideas from. They also have an online directory that will lead you to trusted and amazing vendors who can help you realize the perfect wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

17. ,The Bride’s Tree


Famous for Queensland weddings, The Bride’s Tree centers around big day celebrations on the Sunshine Coast.

The website boasts beautiful pictures that feature waves, sand, and other coastal elements. Even if you’re planning to have your wedding elsewhere, you’d still want to visit this blog – there’s much to gain from it.

18. ,Hello May


Known for its pretty pictures, Hello May is another blog that features real wedding inspirations from all over Australia. The vendor directory is very extensive, and the suggested fashion and beauty ideas are quite helpful and unique.

Also available are behind-the-scenes accounts that are likely to be valuable for your wedding planning endeavor.

19. ,Victoria Park


Victoria Park is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Australia, so you can expect that its wedding blog is packed with glamorous real wedding features.

You’ll see couples posing lovingly amidst the backdrop of a large golf course, magnificent gardens, ancient trees, and stunning city views.

Browse through the articles and get inspirations on how to make your wedding day look expensive and sophisticated.

20. ,The White Files


f you’re still looking for a bridal gown, you should definitely visit The White Files. Filled with fabulous wedding inspirations, this stylist-curated blog strongly focuses on fashion and lifestyle.

Seriously, you’ll have no shortage of stylish ideas with everything that is on their website. You’ll be one very dazzling bride!


What are you waiting for? Go visit these blogs and start planning your dream wedding. Be inspired and work with the best wedding vendors out there. You’ll want everything to be perfect, and I’m sure it will be. You’d also want to hire an excellent wedding photographer because great pictures will better hold the memories.

Our team, JF Studio, offers one of the highest-quality and most exceptional wedding photography Melbourne has to offer. We’ll handle the pictures while you’re enjoying the biggest day of your life! ,,Contact us today for more information.

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