Planning a Small Wedding in Melbourne? READ THIS

Planning a Small Wedding in Melbourne? READ THIS

Even before the COVID situation, having a small wedding is already a rising trend. If you’re thinking about following the same path, this blog is made for you.

The Advantages of Having a Small Wedding

If you’re wondering what is considered a small wedding, it is typically an event with 50 people or under.


Considering the current situation, more and more couples are deciding to have an intimate affair. For safety and logistics purposes, some future brides and grooms are opting to ditch long guest lists in exchange for shorter ones.

Though most of these decisions are situational, having a small wedding is not entirely a bad thing! To give you an idea, below are some advantages that come with planning a small event.

1. Less Space

Searching for a venue that can cater to the needs of a huge crowd can be a demanding task. When you invite fewer people, a small space will do!

When looking for your location, don’t forget to think outside the box. For instance, there are tons of small wedding venues in Melbourne which include restaurants, museums, warehouses, and even Airbnb’s!

2. Intimate Vibe

One of the major differences between a big wedding vs small wedding is the atmosphere.

When you cut down your guest list, you get to invite those people who matter most to you. Besides, it surely feels reassuring to be surrounded by the people you truly love during your most special day!

3. Avoid Overwhelm

Do you know how many brides and grooms were hungry and thirsty during their wedding day? Surprisingly, there’s a lot!

At events with a guest count of over 100, it is usual that couples end up feeling overwhelmed to the point of ditching their meals.

With an intimate celebration, you’ll be able to spend time with your core group of people while still enjoying the menu that you planned for months!

4. Opportunity to Splurge

A shorter guest list means that you’ll be spending less on your wedding as a whole. With more wiggle room in your budget, you can ensure that you’ll achieve every wedding element that you dream of!

Perhaps, you want to hire a premium Melbourne wedding photographer to capture your big day. Maybe, you want to be serenaded by your favourite band during your reception. Or, how about a premium wedding bar with your signature cocktail?

5. More Quality Time

Through a small wedding party, you can maximize your quality time with the people that are closest to your hearts. Make your day more special by fostering meaningful conversations and having an amazing time with your loved ones!


Your love is worth celebrating, no matter the size of your wedding. What are your struggles while planning your big day? Comment down below!