40 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

40 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

The flowers will wither, the cake will be consumed but your wedding photos will remain forever! Hence, it is very significant to choose your wedding photographer wisely. How, you may ask? Through an interview, of course!

What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Interviewing your wedding photographer before signing the contract is a vital process to make sure that you’ll choose the best for your big day. Think of it this way: other than your partner, it is the photographer whom you’ll spend the entire day with!

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Aside from ensuring your compatibility, it is also important to ask some essential questions to confirm that all your needs will be covered. Without further ado, below are the 40 questions that you need to ask to make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page!

1. Do you have availability for our wedding day?

If a prospective photographer answers no, you must move on to other candidates.

2. Will you be the one shooting my wedding?

There are some photographers who operate under large studios where several shooters work. Thus, you should clarify who would be the specific photographer that will work with you on your big day.

3. Could you describe your experience as a wedding photographer?

It would be nice to know about how long the photographer is providing services for wedding clients. You could also ask about the rough number of weddings that he captured. These details will give you a better sense of the shooter’s expertise in the event industry.

4. What is your wedding photography style?

Wedding photographers have different flairs when it comes to capturing your special day. Ask this question right away to ensure that their style is in accordance with what you want for your wedding.

An album or a highlight gallery acts as a representation of the overall work of the person behind the lens.
A full gallery, on the other hand, will give you a better perspective of your photographer’s style all throughout an entire wedding. This will also give you a clearer sense of how your shooter works in general!

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6. Do you work alone, or do you work with a second shooter?

There are some photographers who always work with an assistant during a wedding shoot.
Contrarily, there are also others who identify if they need a second shooter depending on the size of your event. If a photographer doesn’t always work with an assistant, adding one in the contract will probably cost you additional fees.

7. Have you worked on a wedding similar to ours?

Check if the photographer has worked in an event that has the same style and the same size as yours. If he answers yes, you could request to see the full gallery of the wedding which he thinks is similar to the one you’re planning.

8. Where can we check the feedback from your past clients?

One of the best ways to know the photographer’s quality of work is through the testimonials of those who have first experienced his services.
Some clients don’t openly provide their reviews for privacy reasons, but you can ask your photographer for direct feedback links.

9. Are you familiar with our venue?

Most wedding photos are planned in advance and your photographer must be acquainted with your wedding setting.
It’s an additional advantage if the pro has already worked in your chosen venue and if he still hasn’t, he should visit the place prior to your big day. A venue appointment will give him an opportunity to check the nearby landscapes, the lighting conditions, and the specific details of your wedding setting.

10. Do you have any experience working with our wedding planner? Videographer? DJ? Florist?

It is a huge plus if your photographer has already worked with your other service providers.

11. How do you describe your style of working?

Some wedding photographers act like a director who continuously leads you in the shoot process. Contrarily, other photographers act like an observer who rarely instructs your poses and who’s almost invisible in the crowd.

12. Do you have a shot list or do I need to provide one?

Most photographers have a standard catalog of must-have shots and you should trust his list. If, however, you want to ensure that your grandparents, friends, and favourite cousin are included in your album, you could inform your photographer about this.

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13. What type of camera do you use?

If you’re familiar with the major differences between a film camera and a digital camera and you prefer one more than the other, this is a question that you should ask your wedding photographer.

14. Do you have a backup plan for your equipment?

A wedding can be as perfectly planned as it is but there’s still room for things that are out your control.
Ask your photographer if they have a backup solution for unexpected matters. Do they have extra cameras in case the first one is broken? Do they have multiple lenses and extra memory cards?

15. What is included in your wedding photography package?

Checking your photographer’s standard packages will give you an idea of the exact services and prices to expect.

16. Who owns the rights to these images?

Due to copyright purposes, you should pay close attention to the ownership conditions of the wedding photographer. If your photographer owns the right to the pictures, he may disallow you to post your wedding photos on social media.

17. Can a package be customized according to my needs and preferences?

If none of the packages fit your exact needs, ask the wedding pro for the possibilities of modification.

18. How many hours of shoot does each package include?

More likely than not, the packages already include a certain amount of shooting time. If it’s not mentioned, ask the photographer for specific numbers.

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19. What are your overtime fees?

If the number of hours in the package is not enough, you can request your photographer to extend the time. This will probably incur additional fees so you should enquire about how much he charges for overtime work.

20. Does the package include image retouch and color correction?

Some wedding photographers require an additional fee for the editing process so you should ask if you need to pay extra for the post-production of your images.

21. Do you offer photo booth services?

This is an optional question. If you’d love to have a photo booth at your wedding, you might as well ask your photographer if his studio offers one.

22. Do you charge a travel fee? What distance?

Most photographers charge travel costs once you go beyond their travel radius. For instance, JF Studio, a wedding photographer in Melbourne, don’t charge any extra fee if a certain wedding is within the 2 hours radius of Melbourne. Anything over that travel time is subject to agreement.

23. What is the general turnaround time for our wedding images?

You should know how long it would take for your wedding photos to arrive. You should also ask your photographer about how you’ll receive your images.

24. Can we expect any sneak peeks before the full set of photos?

Processing your full gallery usually takes a minimum of three weeks. We know that the waiting period can be tough (especially for brides) but not when your photographer delivers a highlight reel immediately after your wedding!

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25. Will our wedding images be accessible online?

Nowadays, most photographers opt to upload the entire wedding gallery in a password-protected site which is usually accompanied by expiration date. Ask your photographer if he will do the same method and if how long will the private site run.

26. Do you offer prints or albums?

Check if the wedding photographer is offering a direct printing or album service. If the answer is yes, also ask about the type and pricing of albums that he provides.

27. What is your standard timetable for our wedding day?

Make sure that the person behind the lens is in accordance with your wedding schedule by asking for his run sheet. A wedding photography timetable will let you know how many hours it would take to capture each stage of your big day.

28. How will you be dressed?

Your photographer’s outfit should not violate any cultural customs or religious rules. In addition to this, his clothing shouldn’t draw too much attention during your event.

29. In case of bad weather, what is your backup plan?

When an unexpected drizzle shows up on your special day, the show shall never stop! Make sure that you share the same sentiments with your photographer by inquiring about his possible solutions.

30. Do you often work in low light settings?

Most wedding parties happen at night and if you’re celebrating at the same time of the day, you should ask your photographer about how he deals with dim setup.

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31. How much is the required down payment? When is the deadline?

Check the deposit agreement and its specific details. You should also know about the due date for the down payment to ensure that you won’t miss it in case you decided to work with your prospect.

32. What forms of payment do you accept?

Check the methods of payment that the photographer allows. Will he accept cheques, online banking, or credit card payments?

33. What is your refund or cancellation policy?

Unexpected things might happen along the process of planning your wedding. If an unanticipated situation requires you to cancel your photographer’s services, you should know how he deals with it.

34. Will you post our wedding images on your social media or website? Will you be submitting our wedding to blogs or magazines?

This is an optional question. If you’re worried about some privacy matters, you can definitely ask your photographer to keep your wedding photos confidential.

35. If for an unexpected reason you are unable to shoot my wedding, what is your backup plan?

If your photographer gets ill or if he has an unpredicted emergency that he has to attend to, how will he cope up with the problem? Your shooter should have a solution to this possibility, and it should be included in the contract.

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36. Do you have any additional needs from us to make the day run smoothly?

Let your photographer know that you’re willing to provide him the necessary details or requirements to ensure that the wedding shoot will be smooth sailing.

37. When will we receive the contract?

Once you decided to move forward with a wedding photographer after asking the questions above, you should read the contract to ensure that the things agreed upon are indicated in the paper.

Bonus Questions:

38. Do you have any packages that include engagement photography?

If you’re planning to do a pre-wedding session, you should not forget to ask this question. There are photographers who include engagement photography in their wedding shoot packages but there are some who offer a completely separate package for pre-wedding sessions.

39. What should I wear for an engagement photoshoot?

If you’re wondering what to wear for your pre-wedding shoot, your shooter can surely assist you in that matter. Photographers usually have expert knowledge of what color combinations and what clothing material will work best for your engagement vision.

If you have no idea about the picturesque locations that work best for your pre-wed shoot, you can request some suggestions from your photographer, as well. Most photographers already have an idea of the local spots that have perfect lighting and scenic aesthetics for your shoot.

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