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32 Extraordinary Wedding Bar Ideas for your Big Day

A wedding bar is a big day must-have.

It’s a special treat to your guests who will undoubtedly put in some effort to make you happy on your special day.

After all, you expect them to make an appearance, follow a dress code, and participate in your wedding ceremony and reception, among others.

Wedding Bar Ideas that will Impress Your Guests

The wedding bar (or reception bar) is commonly allotted 10-20% of the overall wedding budget.

You can opt for a professional bar or go for a DIY one. Either way, it’s recommended that you hire a professional bartender to supervise the bar, rather than let your guests fully self-serve.

Of course, like everything else, you’d want to make this wedding detail as attractive as possible. Every wedding photographer Melbourne has will approve.

Whether you’d like to go for open bar, consumption bar, soft bar, white bar, or dry bar, we’ve prepared the following wedding bar ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Cigars and Whiskey Bar

Take a look at this reception bar, suitable for rustic, country, and even vintage weddings. It appears effortless, but aesthetically so. The foliage backdrop also heightened the cozy vibe of the whole setup.

2. Wooden Palette Bar

This is another example of a wedding bar that guests can casually approach for a drink. It’s cute and simple, and it’s a nice touch for country and farm weddings.

3. Sweet Delight Bar

This wedding bar makes creative use of wooden ladder and picnic table. It’s quite pleasant, especially with the glassware and the flowers displayed. It all looks perfect for a farm or garden wedding.

And hey, who doesn't love their yummy combo of milk and cookie?

4. Quaint Cocktail Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Country House and Wedding Venues

This food truck wedding bar looks exciting, and it’s made more interesting by the choice of color. As shown in the photo, it can be a pretty sight surrounded by potted plants and dangling greenery.

5. Round Rustic Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Wedding Include

This simple wooden wedding bar is also a suitable for the relaxing rustic and country weddings. Make sure to decorate it with enough foliage and flowers to sufficiently fit your special day.

6. Ice Cream Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: She Finds

The photo proves that an ice cream carts can make sweet statement as a wedding bar. It’s the right blend of cute and romantic, and will remind you of refreshing walks in the park.

Wedding photography Melbourne professionals can take excellent pictures with this.

7. Alfresco Wedding Bar

wedding bar

This reception bar has a very traditional feel to it, like something you would see in a family ancestral home. It’s perfect for vintage and rustic weddings. Don’t forget the flowers.

8. Tequila Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Vogue

This is a very simple wedding bar idea. Just take a long table, put a vase of arranged flowers, display cute buckets of alcohol, and use wooden trays for the glassware.

9. Canoe Wedding Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Marry Grams

If you’ll have a beach or coastal wedding, this is a very creative choice for you, and wedding Melbourne photography agrees. The boat feels refreshingly natural with its weathered appearance, but you can also opt to paint it as you wish.

10. Self Serve Wedding Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Wedding Ideas

This wedding bar can be really exciting for the strong drinkers in your guest list, especially if you’d allow them to self-serve. The barrels go quite nicely with country weddings.

11. Tub Wedding Bar

This is a unique idea for a reception bar. Simply let the drinks have an ice bath in a bath tub. Still, put some plants artistically to make it go together with the wedding atmosphere.

12. Margarita Bar

This wedding bar is minimal yet very elegant. The black, white, and golden look goes so well with the classic glassware. It’s a pretty option to consider, especially if your wedding is a black-tie event.

13. Beer Barrel

Again, the use of barrels can be quite a statement, particularly for country weddings. You may also put different drinks in one barrel, making it easier for your guests to get a drink, and to mix them if they want.

14. Wine Barrel Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Enoivado

This huge half barrel of wine bottles is definitely a head-turner. Display it on one side during reception for your guests to see, and they’ll be assured that they’ll have no shortage of drinks.

15. DIY Table Wedding Bar

Image Via: Junebug Weddings

This is a neat way of setting up your wedding bar, particularly gorgeous if you have a garden wedding. Just have a long table and hang an abundance of greenery overhead.

16. Tiered Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: The Brides of Oklahoma

One of the classic ways to present the drinks is by displaying them on tiers. Look at the picture for example. The copper-colored metal complements the tinge of liquid on fine glasses, and the flowers help.

17. Log Weding Bar

If you’re going to have a farm wedding, you may want to consider this reception bar idea. It looks like a bench made from raw logs, and it heightens the already carefree atmosphere.

18. Crate and Wood Bar

This wedding bar idea is a good inspiration for rustic and vintage weddings. Crates and household glassware with leaves and flowers make a pretty picture when put together.

19. Thirst Repellents Bar

This wedding bar looks like a stylized seller’s stand. Place, artistically, the bottles and glassware with all the flowers and greenery all over what appear like wooden crates, and it’s quite a sight.

20. Icy Wedding Bar

Who knows a simple rectangular block of ice can make a pleasing picture? Display your alcohol choices on a block of ice (or what looks like it), and surround with plants.

21. Coffee Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Burnetts Boards

This wedding bar includes what appears as well-worn furniture, yet the whole thing looks like something from a café. As you can see, it’s a good choice for non-alcoholic drinks like coffee.

22. Whiskey Bar

This reception bar looks like a combination of traditional and modern elements. It has tavern-like feel to it, which can be very inviting for regular drinkers.

23. Tropical Fruit Bar

If you want healthy choices on you wedding bar, take a look at this one. It’s not limited to coconuts and pineapples, though. Stacking crates with an old-fashioned lantern box can be surprisingly lovely.

24. Fancy Coconut Bar

This reception bar is a resourceful option, especially for weddings on the beach, farm, or somewhere industrial. It looks like a ladder with plywood on each rung, but the color choices can make a difference.

25. Sophisticated Wedding Bar

This is a very traditional look for a wedding bar, but it still looks elegant and expensive. Fill the glasses and display them with the bottles, and use dark green leaves with light-colored flowers.

26. Hot Chocolate Bar

A hot chocolate bar can be a sweet alternative to the usual alcoholic wedding bars. This particular design inspires warmth and exudes a relaxing ambience similar to that of one’s own home.

27. Lemonade Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: The Little Wedding Corner

This is another casual idea for a wedding bar. Use wooden crates to hold up see-through dispensers (the colors of the drink can help the aesthetic) and display corked bottles of other elements.

28. Espresso Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: RockPaperScissors

This is another food-truck-inspired wedding bar. It’s just the right size to be both cute and functional. Surely, your guests will be happy to approach and get a drink from here.

29. Hot Cocoa Bar

wedding bar
Image Via: Hoosier Homemade

If you’re planning to have a winter wedding, you may want to consider this one. It appears warm, cozy, and very inviting. It’s suitable for hot cocoa, cookies, and other winter treats.

30. Vintage Truck Bar

Another option for country and garden weddings, this reception bar is both refreshing and attractive. It’ll make you think of romantic drives amidst all the fresh air.

31. Rose Wine Bar

This tub of pretty bottles gets prettier with all the orchids present. You can use this idea for farm or garden weddings, or even other types of weddings.

32. Chic Beer Bar

You have to admit this wedding bar is eye-catching. The white paint and golden plants come together to create a striking balance that can be both formal and casual. Try and consider this one.


Did you get inspired enough? Have the best wedding bar for your big day, and let your wedding photographer take the best pictures.

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