12 Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts of Eloping

12 Ultimate Do’s and Don'ts of Eloping
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Running away to a faraway land to say I Do have continuously kept its charm through the years. Aside from being story-worthy, eloping has been highly considered by couples who want to tie the knot without the fuss and frills.
If you can relate to this sentiment, sit still and stay right there because this blog is for you.
From budgeting responsibly to choosing the best elopement photographer, we compiled the biggest do’s and don’ts to make the best out of your intimate day!

Top Tips from an Elopement Photographer

Through our experience as wedding photography Melbourne professionals, we’ve seen the beauty of it all: the pure charm of intimate union, the sincerity of personal vows, and the calm demeanor of couples without the pressure of a big wedding.
By following some helpful tricks for planning your elopement, saying I Do without the large crowd is entirely achievable.
If you’re up for the wild idea of running away to elope, we have listed the top tips to ensure that your day will be a fairytale that you imagined it to be!

1. DO: Clarify Your Reasons

There’s no doubt: eloping is one of the most unconventional (and fun) ways to get hitched. For this reason, there must be proper motives for your decision.
If you’ve chosen this option for purposes such as financial practicality, intimate atmosphere, avoiding family drama, or fuss-free planning, I want to congratulate you because you’re on the right road!
Your Aunt Charlotte may not understand your decision so make sure that you really want to elope and you haven’t ended up in this decision in a whim.
You should also ensure that your valid reasons are clear to you so you could own your choices and not feel bad about it!

2. DON’T: Forget to Plan About Your Marriage Reveal

Through the years, technological advancements like social media have changed the lives of people through beneficial purposes. But please, your marriage reveal should not be done by posting it on Facebook or Instagram!
There are several proper ways to get those announcements out to your loved ones and social media is definitely not one of them.
Sending announcement cards, throwing an after-wedding party in your hometown, or sitting down for an intimate dinner with your family and friends are some of the appropriate approaches to get the news out.
No matter what method you want to execute, make sure to plan well and prepare for your loved ones’ reactions.
Your great grandfather Sam might not take your news lightly but including his favorite Barramundi dish in your dinner might do the trick.

3. DO: Think About the Destination

Picking your wedding location is one of the most exciting (yet the most daunting) tasks for planning your elopement.
Note down what you really want because there’s no one to judge your choices anyway!
Whether you want to elope in the lavender field of Provence, in the beautiful beaches of the Maldives, or the bustling metro of Melbourne, you can choose whatever your heart desires.

4. DON’T: Disregard the Legalities

I understand that dealing with papers is the last thing that you want to do but ticking your document checklist is a must.
Ask your local city hall about the legality requirements of your marriage and list down everything that you need to process.
You don’t want to run away and elope only to end up being unlawfully married in your hometown, right?

5. DO: Budget Responsibly

Once you decide where you want to tie the knot, it’s time to plan out how much you’re willing to spend on your special day.
Here’s the thing: elopement will definitely save you more bucks than a traditional wedding but some costs (dress, bouquet, celebrant, etc.) will stay the same.
For this reason, it is so significant to decide your budget prior to all the planning and processes of your intimate day.

6. DON’T : Skip in Booking a Local Planner

Professional planners come with a price but believe me when I say that this price will be worth it.
Planning a wedding in your hometown is already stressful so what makes you think that it’ll be easier when you’re planning a special day that will take place in a foreign place?
Choosing a wedding pro will spare you from the complicated stuff such as venue research, vendor research, timelines, budget management, and many more.
Bonus tip: when selecting the best planner for your needs, don’t forget to ask for special pricing!

7. DO : Hire a Savvy Elopement Photographer

The last thing you want to skimp is hiring a professional elopement photographer for your big day.
Eloping doesn’t make your day less special than a traditional wedding and special events call for proper documentation!
Before diving into any wedding photography package, make sure that the shooting pro meets your standards when it comes to your elopement images.
Besides, showing your great wed photos to your loved ones is the best way to make your family and close friends feel like they are present on your special day.
If you’re planning to tie the knot in a metro setting of Victoria’s capital, you should hire a professional Melbourne wedding photographer.
Choose the best among the wedding photography packages that they offer!

8. DON’T: Forget to Meet Your Vendors Before Your Wedding

Running away to elope in a far place doesn’t really mean that you and your partner will be alone on your big day.
Aside from your planner and photographer, other wedding vendors would be around to guide you and assist you on all the errands of your day.
Don’t forget to know who your vendors are by meeting them prior to your elopement. Building a bond with your wedding pros will ensure that your day will run intimately and romantically.
You don’t want to recite and exchange your personal vows in front of total strangers, do you? Let’s ditch awkward!

9. DO: Add Some Custom Details

The opportunity to show the unique personality and witty ideas of the couple is one of the reasons why there’s always this giddy excitement about getting hitched.
Though you decided to do the day intimately, you can still add some custom details to your special moments.
Personalized touches can be as simple as marrying on an important date (perhaps the day that you met?) or composing your own vows.
You may also elope in a meaningful venue (where you spent your first anniversary) or you might fill your bridal bouquet with the same flowers that he gave you during your high school prom.

10. DON’T: Downplay the Bridal (and Groom) Prep

You deserve to feel gorgeous and amazing on your big day. Well, scratch that. You deserve to feel gorgeous and amazing every single day of your life!
What makes you think that your special day is an exception? You might not have that big fat wedding, but eloping is still a once-in-a-lifetime moment that should be cherished.
Don’t ditch the bridal aspects such as shopping for a dress that you love, getting your hair done, and being pampered by beauty pros.
You deserve to feel special on your special day, sweetheart!

11. DO: Make Your Day Special

You might not have the fuss and frills of a traditional wed, but this doesn’t mean that the value of your big day is any less! Take advantage of your freedom to design your day by incorporating creative ideas to make it special.
You can write extremely personal vows without worrying about what your guests might say. You can say I Do with sea waves as your background music and the beach as your natural carpet.
You can dine in a 5-star rooftop venue with the city lights as your view. If you would like, you can eat and devour at your glamorous wedding cake for your after-wedding brunch.
You can even ride a lovely chariot and be a real-life Cinderella if you decided to do a fairytale-themed eloping. Well, the options are endless.

12. DON’T: Forget to Make the Most Out of Your Savings

Expenses in a larger wedding can spiral out of control so we totally understand why more and more couples are opting to run away to say I Do.
While generally cutting the overall costs, it is still significant to treat yourselves to something deluxe to make the best out of your special union.
Thinking of a 10-day wild honeymoon in your dream destination? Perhaps you want to try a sunset sail as a newlywed couple?
Well folks, go on and enjoy because you deserve it!

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