28 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date if You Have to Postpone

28 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date if You Have to Postpone

Aside from waiting even longer to marry your partner, postponing your wedding also means that you must bid a farewell to the date that you originally booked.

If you’re wondering how you’ll spend the day that you’re supposed to wed, why not devote it for a celebration? After all, it’s a day worth recognizing.

How to Celebrate your Original Wedding Date?

Once your original wedding day rolls around, it might be tempting to stay under the duvet and wallow in sadness for what might have been.

While it’s completely normal to feel all sorts of emotions, we would love to encourage you to not let your original day go by! There was a time that you looked forward to this date so might as well use it to commemorate your love for each other.

If you’re looking for creative and memorable ways to celebrate your original wedding date, check our ideas below!

1. Eat a Luxurious Brekkie


Do you love mornings? Make it a little extra and wake up earlier than normal to prepare a fancy breakfast. If you’ve always been drooling over those raspberry pancakes or those cinnamon French toast, this day is a great opportunity to eat your dream brekkie.

2. Give each Other a Gift


It doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive! You can treat each other with a funny or thoughtful present such as a Netflix subscription or a bouquet of flowers. Anything that can make your partner smile!

3. Get Dressed


With the WFH situation in consideration, it must have been some time since you last picked up a dress or a sleek shirt. On the day that you’re supposed to wed, get up early, and use it as a perfect excuse to dress up and feel your best!

4. Wear White

To level up your celebration, don’t hesitate to doll up in white. What better way there is to celebrate your original wedding date?

5. Learn a TikTok Dance

Why not spend your day doing something hilarious? Keep yourselves entertained by learning to bust a move in Tiktok!

6. Do a DIY Photoshoot

Your wedding photographer might not be there, but you can capture the day on your own. With a phone camera, a timer, and a tripod, you’re already good to go! There’s no need for the results to be pro-perfect: what matters is that you’re capturing your time together.

7. Make a Video

And make it fun! Look at this hilarious video that a couple made on their postponed date.

8. Exchange Love Letters


Make the day special and express how much you love each other through a heartfelt note. Don’t worry, exchanging love letters won’t spoil your vows! It can actually be a perfect way to practice for your wedding ceremony.

9. Say Your Vows

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind reading your vow to your partner, that’s okay too! Perhaps, you love the idea of saying your vows privately to commemorate the original date of your wedding.

10. Do a Picnic


Make your snack time more special by having a picnic spread in your deck or backyard! You can order your favorite snacks ahead of time or you can just be creative and make the best out of what’s in your fridge.

11. Bake a ‘Wedding Cake’

Doesn’t mind whipping those cake batter to celebrate? Get those crafty hands working and rejoice while eating your homemade creation. Yum!

12. Bake Lamingtons

For something more Aussie, you can bake lamingtons instead. Considered as a traditional wedding cake in Australia, lamingtons are so delicious and easy to make!

13. Order Your Wedding Cake

Remember choosing that three-tiered angel cake filled with strawberry filling for your wedding? Don’t wait until your big day to enjoy that wedding cake!

Ask your cake chef if they can bake a single-tier version of your original wedding cake and have it safely delivered. Aside from supporting your vendor in these tough times, you can eat a lavish creation without lifting a finger!

14. Decorate with Fairy Lights or String Lights

If you have some fairy lights or string lights stocked in your home, you can utilize them during your special day. They are great for making any space cozier and more intimate!

15. Order a Floral Arrangement


Treat yourself with a wonderful arrangement of the wedding flowers that you have chosen for your big day. See if your florist can organize this arrangement and ask if there’s a way that they can deliver it safely.

16. Mix Your Signature Cocktail

Planning to impress your guests with a signature cocktail at your wedding? Don’t wait any longer to sip your flavorful concoction!

Learn how to blend the signature mixture at home and do an intimate happy hour while enjoying your cocktail.

17. Cook Your Wedding Menu

Do you enjoy cooking together? Use it as an excuse to prepare your wedding menu right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Such a great time to perfect that medium-rare steak!

18. Order Your Favorite Takeout

If you prefer to relax on your day without sacrificing a good meal, you can also opt to order your fave food for takeout. Don’t forget to complete the meal with appetizers and desserts!

19. Enjoy a Fancy Dinner

Sit down and appreciate the night while devouring in an extravagant meal with your person. It’s a great way to forget your worries and remind yourself of what matters!

20. Do an Alfresco Dining

Are you planning to have an outdoor wedding? Recreate the idea by taking your dinner outside. If you can, you should hang some pretty lights to beautify the space!

21. Serenade Yourselves with your Wedding Songs

To make the day more extraordinary, you can play your wedding playlist on repeat as your background music.

22. Indulge in Your Wedding Wine


If you have a stock of your wedding wine, you’re in for a treat! Pop that cork open and spoil yourselves with the sultry flavors of this vin ordinaire.

23. Toast Each Other

Both of you are awesome! Dealing with a postponement is tough so your teamwork and strength deserve an acknowledgement. How about a toast?

24. Sway in Your First Dance

Prepare your speaker and dance to your song! You might not have a glamorous dance floor or a fancy band, but dancing with your person at the comfort of your home is a special moment in itself.

25. Connect with Your Loved Ones

Share your day with your dearest by calling your families and close friends. It’s a great way to include your loved ones on this special day!

26. Have a Wedding Movie Night


If you’d prefer to laze around while keeping the day special, you can wear your favorite pajamas and do a cozy movie marathon. To make it theme-related, you can settle down and munch your homemade popcorn in front of a wedding movie!

27. Indulge in a DIY Spa

Unwind from your daily woes by recreating a spa night at the comfort of your home. Put on a facial mask, enjoy a bubble bath, indulge in a foot scrub, and give each other a massage. You deserve to feel pampered on this special day!

28. Plan Your Honeymoon

Your wedding and honeymoon might be put on hold but you can maximize the time to plan your vacation ahead. Spend your original wedding day by researching for activities, landmarks, and restaurants that are available in your chosen destination.

After all, nothing should stop you from being excited about your honeymoon!


Your wedding might be later than what you anticipated, but you can use the current season to cherish your time with your partner.

REMEMBER: your big day will still arrive, and the wait will be worth it!