14 Types of Bridal Bouquets

14 Types of Bridal Bouquets

We’ve all seen it: the bridal bouquet is an essential part of every wedding celebration. As we all know, each flower holds its own significant meanings and deeply expresses the lovers’ romantic emotions.

The flowery beauty symbolizes the heartfelt hope for a lovely future together, thus the certain amount of care always given to the planning of bridal bouquets.

A Breakdown of Bridal Bouquets Styles

Bridal bouquets come in different types, each with a charm of its own. From the traditional cascade to the striking fan arrangement, you have quite a stylish variety to choose from.

Keep reading and learn about the different types of the bridal bouquet. They all make a stunning scene, so you and hardly go wrong.

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1. Cascade


The cascade or shower bouquet is one of the most traditional types out there. It has a trademark elegance that makes it perfect for any wedding, from the formal high-end ones (like Princess Diana’s) to the more casual garden ceremonies.

Whether it comes in extremely large or smaller modern versions, its whimsical waterfall appearance never fails to make a remarkable, romantic statement.

2. Posy


Also known as the hand-tied bouquet, posy is another popular, classic choice among brides. It is usually small enough to be held in one hand, and it features mostly flowers with little to no greenery.

It can be arranged in an informal, loose style suitable for vintage weddings, or it can be constructed in a tight arrangement for a more modern look. Common flowers for this bouquet include roses, peonies, tulips, and ranunculus.

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3. Round


Similar to posy but with a more structured appearance, the round bouquet makes use of a more limited variation of flower blooms.

As the name suggests, it is round in shape, formed from a very harmonized and balanced arrangement of monochromatic blooms. Try using flowers like anemones, roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and any others round in form.

4. Nosegay


Traditional and famous, the nosegay bouquet is quite similar to a posy, except it incorporates more greenery and is more structured in style.

It’s characterized by a tight arrangement of flowers, all cut to the same length and wrapped in ribbon or lace. It is perfect for small indoor weddings that give more priority to the romance and intimacy of the big day.

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5. Tussy mussy


The tussy mussy bouquet is basically a nosegay with a twist. Instead of just ribbon or lace, a small vase made from metal, porcelain, or any material that works with your wedding theme is used to carry the arrangement of flowers.

The vase adds a nice touch of lavish elegance to the bouquet and to the carrier herself. Tussy mussy bouquets are naturally small, so they are an excellent choice for petite brides and bridesmaids.

6. Biedermeier


European-inspired, the Biedermeier bouquet has a structure similar to that of nosegay, except the flowers are arranged in concentric circles of contrasting colors. It has an eccentric feel that is creatively striking.

Texture-filled flowers like orchids, dahlias, and roses are used for this type of arrangement.

7. Presentation


No time like your wedding day to feel like a beauty queen! Presentation or pageant bouquets are a popular choice among modern brides.

Designed to be carried in the crook of the arm, this type of bouquet can be crisply elegant or lavishly regal. The arrangement involves long-stemmed flowers, like calla lilies, roses, delphiniums, sweet peas, and orchids.

Reign over your big day and spread the love and beauty to everyone around you, like a true queen!

8. Composite


Simple in appearance but challenging to make, a composite bouquet is an excellent choice if you’re looking for minimalist with a bold impact.

This type of bouquet is unique for looking like a single large flower, carefully constructed by stringing together a good number of individual petals.

It looks fantastic on refined, luxurious weddings that have a soft color palette. It can be expensive, but it very much looks the part.

9. Pomander


Though traditionally carried by flower girls, the pomander bouquet can also look charming in the bride’s hands. It is basically a round ball of flowers that is suspended from a stylized ribbon or cord and carried on the wrist.

Pomander style adds a youthful touch to the bride’s getup while still being sweetly romantic. Sturdy flowers – examples of which are carnations, roses, and sunflowers – adorn this flower arrangement.

10. Basket


Another type usually reserved for flower girls, the basket bouquet is also a sweetly delightful choice for the beautiful bride.

Popular for outdoor and garden weddings, basket bouquets radiate a rustic vibe that is both dreamy and refreshing.

11. Crescent


As the name suggests, the crescent bouquet is known for its soft arch shape, like the moon. It can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, usually with a compact center that tapers off into each side.

Ranunculus, baby’s breath, hanging amaranths, and other wispy blooms are partnered with cascading ivy, star asparagus, or other naturally draping greenery to achieve this look.

12. Fan


Strikingly attractive, the fan bouquet is stand out from traditional arrangements. Perfect for vintage, tropical, and Asian-themed weddings, this style consists of flowers and greenery beautifully placed inside a container that looks like two side-by-side Japanese fans.

Also, it can just be an outward spreading arrangement of flowers. No matter, fan bouquets are a good option if you’re going for something a little different.

13. Contemporary


If you’re planning to go unconventional in your wedding, you might want to consider a contemporary bouquet.

There seem to be no rules with this style: flowers and greenery go off at unexpected angles, creating a uniquely stunning masterpiece. It can be quite complex, but it will surely create a statement.

Tropicals and exotic flowers like anthuriums, birds of paradise, and monstera work well with contemporary bouquets.

14. Single stem


If you want a ‘simple is better’ look, you can go no simpler than a single stem bouquet. It exudes a quiet, elegant, romantic, and sweet ambiance that will surely touch the hearts of beholders.

If done well, a single stem bouquet can give quite an impact, especially with its sense of intention. Choose statement flowers like garden roses, peonies, hydrangea, and king protea; then dress it up with ribbon or a long piece of linen.


Choosing a bridal bouquet can be overwhelming.

After all, it’s part of your ensemble as you walk down the aisle with all eyes on you, and you want to look your best for the future husband who’s patiently (and emotionally) waiting at the altar.

It’s a momentous event, and you want it to be as beautiful and romantic as possible.

You don’t have to worry, though. You have bridesmaids to assist you, and you can hire a skilled florist to give suggestions and ultimately design the bouquet for you.

You can also get an excellent wedding photographer whose pictures will serve as an assurance that you looked nothing but magnificent on your big day.

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