Romantic Getaway: Australia’s Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2020

Romantic Getaway: Australia’s Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2020
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Considered as a haven of stunning destinations and epic experiences, Australia is indeed one of the top choices for newly-weds who are looking for an unforgettable honeymoon.
With its variety of getaway options, you’ll never run out of things to do, no matter what type of retreat you’re looking for.
From luxurious abodes to challenging forms of adventure, this multicultural country surely has it all!
If you’re still undecided regarding some specifics, this blog is a perfect guide to come up with the best Aussie destination for you.
Listed below are the top Australian retreats for honeymooning and for taking the best after- wedding photos with your partner!

1. Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley Wine Grapes Sunset wedding honeymoon destinations

Known for its annual Grape Fest, Barossa is indeed a utopia for couples who love to spend quality time while sipping a glass (or glasses) of wine.
This jewel in South Australia is festooned with lovely wineries, countryside farms and gorgeous landscapes.
Aside from wine-tasting, you could also treat yourself in other activities such as shopping, heritage walks, dining, and cycling.

2. Tasmania

Tasmania Mountain Lake wedding honeymoon destinations

For couples who are craving the taste of rugged adventure, this wildlife paradise is an interesting choice for a dose of adrenaline rush.
With its verdant tropical forests, lush reserves, and exciting retreats, you’ll never run out of options to create unforgettable memories.
If you’re wondering about Tasmania’s must-experience activities, think of hiking, rock climbing, and safari tours.
During your downtime, you can also walk hand in hand in its idyllic beaches or have a candle-lit dinner in one of the restaurants in Boat Harbor.

3. Melbourne

the best Melbourne wedding honeymoon destinations

There’s no doubt: Melbourne is indeed a go-to destination for couples who prefer the bustle of the city during their honeymoons.
Yes, this Victorian capital is known for its music fests, street arts, towering buildings, and amazing cuisines but there’s more to Melbourne than its busy metropolis face.
It’s also home to quick nature getaways such as beautiful gardens, beaches, wineries, and many more!
For instance, you can take your honeymoon to Yarra Valley, which is known for its scenic landscapes and relaxation options. It’s a haven to picturesque vineyards, art museums, parks, and botanical gardens.
Bonus point: for incredible post-wedding photos and experience, you can also enjoy the place with a bird’s eye view through skydiving over Yarra Valley’s verdant landscapes and scenic rivers.

4. Sorrento

Sorrento Drone Shot Above Beach wedding honeymoon destinations

For a taste of authentic beach lifestyle, Sorrento is a charming place for your post-wedding getaway.
Its lovely beaches, rocky cliffs, and translucent waters have an enticing appeal that will lure you to extend your vacay.
Aside from its amazing waterfronts, don’t forget to indulge in the delectable seafood and immerse in the idyllic vibe of this destination.

5. Esperance

Kangaroo at Esperance the best wedding honeymoon destinations

For a wildlife experience, you might want to consider this town in the bottom part of Western Australia.
Aside from its picturesque landscapes and long white beaches, Esperance is considered home by numerous dolphins, sea lions, kangaroos, and other wildlife.
For instance, you can visit Cape Le Grand National Park where kangaroos are practically sunbathing on the beach!

6. Mornington Peninsula

If you’re up for a raw nature adventure but your tight schedule won’t allow you to go on long drives, this Victorian splendor is a practical choice for you.
Just an hour away from the bustle of Melbourne, this gorgeous destination is enlaced with towering cliffs, magnificent sea views, lovely beaches, and other features that will quench your tropical thirst.
If you and your partner also crave a relaxing retreat, Mornington Peninsula likewise offers hot springs, luxurious spas, and wine tasting.

7. Port Fairy

If hygge (a Danish word) is an Aussie place, it would definitely be Port Fairy. Hygge generally describes the ambiance of comfort and cozy warmth with a flavor of contentment and wellness.
This Victorian town in the west end of the Great Ocean Road has a whimsy ambiance and a charming small town appeal that's perfect for cozy date nights with your loved one.
Port Fairy is also an excellent choice for those who want to indulge in nature without having to deal with huge crowds.
As for activities, this hidden gem is a great destination for bird viewing, leisure walks, outdoor picnics, and history geek-ing.

8. Byron Bay

Byron Bay Light House  the best wedding honeymoon destination

Considered as the easternmost part of Australia, Byron Bay’s most notable feature is its memorable sunrise views that are perfect for taking AU-mazing after- wedding photos!
Enjoy the crack of dawn from Cape Byron Lighthouse and celebrate the first moments of your marriage in a symbolical flair.
Aside from its stunning sunrises, this town in New South Wales is also known for its prominent bohemian vibe and cozy ambiance.
Other activities you could do here is learn surfing, indulge in underwater wildlife, and relax on the beach. Byron Bay is indeed a perfect place to turn off your phones and just completely live in the moment as a married couple!

After all the efforts before and during your wedding, your honeymoon is certainly the perfect time to unwind and enjoy every little moment with your partner.
We understand how stressful your wedding planning can be, so we believe that you deserve to breathe fresh air and just indulge in your first escape as a married couple!
If you decided to bring your honeymoon to Melbourne and you’re looking for creative ways to freeze the beginning of your happily ever after, you might want to consider hiring a professional photographer for your honeymoon.
This way, you’ll be able to look back and relive your first beautiful moments as a married couple! Talk to us today.

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