3 Gorgeous Yet Affordable Venue Concepts for Your Budget Wedding

3 Gorgeous Yet Affordable Venue Concepts for Your Budget Wedding
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There’s no hesitation: a wedding is indeed a pricey affair. Don’t fret, though!
When a wedding is planned properly, saying I Do doesn’t have to be expensive.
As your friend and as a wedding photographer in Melbourne, I have written this blog to help you in choosing a stunning wedding venue without breaking the bank.
So here comes the options!

1. Airbnb

Aside from being a haven of economical yet quality accommodations, Airbnb is also a great place to find budget-friendly venues for your special day!
It may involve extensive research but dig through these gorgeous options is all worth it in the end.
The options on this property website are endless. Whether your preference lies in rustic, vintage, or a modern vibe, there’s really a perfect spot for your needs.
You can reserve estates, cabins, beach houses, ranches, hotel suites, and other types of venues depending on what you need.
If you’re really determined, you might find an all-in-one property that could host your ceremony, reception, and accommodation for a very low price.

Air bnb Wedding venue

2. National Parks

Have you dreamt of tying the knot in the outdoors while being surrounded by lush greenery or magical scenery of nature?
Good news: you don’t have to bust your budget to achieve an outdoor wedding! Australia has been lauded for the wide variety of national parks that are scattered among its huge land area.
Melbourne, for instance, has a selection of beautiful and verdant national parks that are excellent options for saying I Do.
To bring your wedding to this type of venue, you have a few things to consider.
Included in these considerations are the wedding permit, the park’s pass, and the restrictions that you have to deal with.
Nevertheless, working with these matters is all worth it with all the wondrous backdrops and cost benefits of these natural venues.
If you decided to go with this option, don’t forget to hire a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne to capture the beauty of your national park wedding!

National Park Wedding

3. Courthouse

Here’s a fact: most people think that a city hall wedding is for couples who prefer elopement. Well, that’s not completely true.
With a civil wedding, you can still say I Do with your family and close friends in attendance.
Aside from the possibility of holding ceremonies with intimate groups, a courthouse wedding also gives you an opportunity to take stunning photos.
Yes, the courtroom is not as spectacular as those you see in cathedrals, but their architectural beauty is a perfect background for your wedding photoshoot.
Most of these city halls are historic buildings anyway, that’s why Greek columns and artistic patterns are prominent in their designs.
Bonus point: a civil wedding in a courthouse is so affordable!

Court House Wedding Melbourne

Love doesn’t have to be expensive.
The venue concepts mentioned above should help you save loads of bucks without sacrificing the quality of your big day.
To maximize your results, ensure that your wedding photographer can meet your needs and goals when it comes to documentation.
If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne, JF Studio can exceed your expectations for your big day! Contact us today.

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