7 Reasons for Doing an Engagement Photo Shoot

7 Reasons for Doing an Engagement Photo Shoot

Love is a magical thing and once you found the person that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life, you’ll do everything to encapsulate the beautiful memories of your story. I know I might sound like a lead character to your favorite rom-com, but I thought I might capture your attention by starting this blog with a sentimental note!

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Through the years, more and more couples are recognizing the significance of hiring a pro for capturing their wedding day. From the gorgeous bridal details to the hilarious dance floor moments, professional documentation is indeed a must for your once-in-a-lifetime memories.
Other than the on-the-day shoot, there’s also a rising trend of doing an engagement photo session among millennial couples. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

The Benefits of Booking an Engagement Shoot

Your beautiful moments are your most precious investment. Aside from your wedding day, your engagement period is no doubt an important phase of your life.
If you’re currently engaged and you’re wondering about the benefits of a pre-wedding shoot, this blog is for you. Read on!

1. Building Rapport with Your Photographer

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Here’s the reality: not everyone is comfortable posing in front of a camera held by a complete stranger. Therefore, it is highly recommended to meet and work closely with your chosen photographer before the actual day of your wedding.
When you build a relationship with the person behind the clicks, it won’t take much effort for you to feel at ease during your special day. Think of it this way: your wedding is full of intimate moments and you wouldn’t want a stranger to point a big camera to you while you’re kissing your partner, right?

2. Hair and Makeup Trial

On your big day, you deserve to look your best and feel your best! An engagement shoot is a great opportunity to try different beauty looks to know what works and what doesn’t.
Most style teams offer their clients with a hair and makeup trial to prepare well for your big day. To maximize the opportunity, you could ask your selected beauty artists to do your look test on the same day of your engagement photo session. With real-life actions involved, a pre-wedding session is an excellent way to know what makeup or hairstyle would work best on the long duration of the actual day. Once you browse through the image output, you could also suggest some possible adjustments that your style team can apply during your wedding!

3. Overcome ‘Camera Consciousness’

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Do you get uneasy or anxious when someone points their camera to you? We totally understand!
Most wedding photographers have dealt with camera-shy people and yet they still manage to get those Pinterest-worthy shots. How you may ask? Through practice, of course!
An engagement session is a great way to overcome those nerves while being photographed by a professional. The person behind the lens will surely give you some ideas on how to pose and how to not appear awkward on your wedding photos.
Besides, your wedding photographer will teach you the angles that work best for you and your partner, so you’ll be prepared for the actual day!

4. Personalizing your Wedding Details

Do you like to customize your Save-The-Dates by applying some well-curated couple photos?
Do you want to replace a plain and dull guest book with your personalized version of chemistry?
Are you interested in creating a love-filled slideshow that you’d want to present on your wedding day?
By doing an engagement shoot, you can customize and beautify your wedding details with your professionally captured images. Once the photos are processed by your Melbourne wedding photographer, you can then use the output for your wedding needs!

5. Unlimited Locations

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You’ve always dreamed of having a yacht wedding, but you can’t do it because Mom is prone to seasickness.
Maybe, you wanted to say I Do in a rooftop setting, but you’re worried about your bridesmaid who’s intensely afraid of heights.
Or perhaps, someone mentioned that there’s a cliff-view spot near your chosen venue and yet you can’t go and shoot due to the time restrictions of your wedding.
Don’t worry, we got your back!
If having scenic backdrops means so much to you, a pre-wedding shoot might be your best opportunity. During your engagement session, you don’t have to think about anyone else aside from yourselves! Just ensure that you’ll hire a photographer that’s more than willing to help you achieve your wildest visions and #couplegoals.

6. Multiple Wardrobe Changes

Nothing can beat the classic splendor of a woman in her white dress and it is a wedding photographer’s delight to shoot you while you’re dressed up in your chosen attire!
Nevertheless, we believe that most brides value variety and they would love to have more diverse options when it comes to their photos. If you somehow relate to these sentiments, an engagement shoot could be the best treat for yourself.
During your pre-wedding session, you could have an unlimited change of outfits depending on your preference and the hours of the shoot. By playing with multiple wardrobe choices, you can create an assortment to your image collection. Win-win for Instagram!

7. No Constraints!

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Contrary to a wedding photo shoot, your pre-event session doesn’t involve the consideration of some wed matters such as strict schedule, customary formalities, hefty wedding attires, and lurking guests (sorry Grandma!). Without the constraints and rules that are present on your wedding day, your engagement shoot is a great way to be as imaginative and carefree as you can be!

Searching for a Melbourne Engagement Photographer?

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