Winter Shades: 20 Wedding Colour Pallete Ideas

Winter Shades: 20 Wedding Colour Pallete Ideas

Life is alive with colours. They are a means of expression, of showing what we think and how we feel.

When we are bursting with emotions, colours get our point across. This is why we give colours much consideration when planning for a wedding.

Stunning Wedding Colour Palette Ideas For Your Big Day

Which colours best describe your relationship with your other half? Do you want your big day to be extravagant or minimalist? Do you want a party atmosphere, or would you rather it be more intimate? Brighter or cooler? What do you want to see on your wedding day, to be eternalized in the photos?

If you plan to have your big day in the winter season, then read on and pick out the top winter wedding colour palette of your choice.

1. Snowy White


The wedding classic is to make your very own winter wonderland. There’s an established elegance in having an all-white wedding theme, especially if you’re planning to say the anticipated I Do’s somewhere snowy.

White roses, white candles, white tables, and white lace according to your fancy, and you’re all set!

2. Icy Pastels


Try a combination of soft blush, pink glass, orchid, matte gold & matte silver to create one of those glimmering winter fairytales.

This winter wedding colour palette gives off a feminine, airy, and vintage-like luxe atmosphere that can be made much more impactful with the addition of some antique lace, blush florals, and fabulous lights.

3. Ivory, Blush & Green


This colour combination is soft and romantic, with a nice hint of nature.

The lightness of blush, the starkness of ivory, and the vividness of green are simply excellent in a winter setting, as any Melbourne wedding photographer would know.

4. White & Gray


Minimalistic and ultra-chic, a white and gray colour palette is another perfect choice if you’re going for a cool, graceful vibe.

Give it more depth and dimension by throwing in some silk, velvet, faux fur, and other textures in your winter wedding décor.

5. Marigold & Cream


If you’re planning to wed under the light of the day, the mixture of marigold and cream makes a cheery and relaxed ambiance. Combine marigolds with white flowers on your bouquet, and accentuate the décor with warm touches of yellow.

6. Dusty Blue & Blush


Understated sophistication is the perfect description for this snowy combination. Set the dusty blue as your focus and surround it with blush accents. It’s the right blend of icy and warm, giving a nice cozy ambiance to your winter wedding.

7. White & Navy


Deviate from the classic black and white by replacing the black with the fancy navy blue. It has a more stylish feel to it, but with all the elegance of the classic ensemble, perfect for a black-tie event if that’s what you have in mind.

8. Black, White & Gold


Timeless and elegant, the combination of black, white, and gold is always a safe choice. Use gold as the focal point and surround it with black and white accents. Whether you want your winter wedding setting to be classic, modern or edgy, this combo is guaranteed to deliver.

9. Aqua & Silver Blue


Regally icy, the proper blend of aqua and silver blue gives off the ambiance of celebrating your wedding inside a snow globe.

The chill matches that of the winter air, but of course the warmth of tying the knot with your other half makes it all comfortably complementary. Perfect for a sophisticated wedding photography Melbourne!

10. Gold, Copper & Brass


The mixture of gold, copper, and brass brings out a gilded glitz and glam perfect for something as precious as a winter wedding.

Skip the usual sparkle and instead go for metallic finishes. Try and get some celestial inspiration from the beautiful winter night sky.

11. Copper, Platinum, Blue, & Emerald


Chic and trendy, the mixture of copper, platinum, blue, and green is so good that your photos are guaranteed to be stunning.

Copper is such a warm, versatile colour that looks very splendid amidst the chill of winter, especially when it’s paired with cool colours. This colour palette is set to make your winter wedding cozily sophisticated.

12. White & Rose Gold


Mix your white with rose gold to add a soft splash of colour to your winter elegance. Keep the whites on the flowers and let the rose gold do its magic on bridesmaid dresses, tabletops, and overall décor.

13. Dark Purple & Pewter


Purple has always been considered a colour of royalty. Pair it with silver tones and sequins, and your winter wedding is guaranteed to be glamorous.

Put the purple on the cakes and the bridesmaids’ gowns, accentuate your tables with pewter, and you have one statement of a wedding.

14. Silver & Light Blue


Another one of those wedding colour palettes that make you think of sparkling crystals and ice palaces, the silver and light blue combo easily creates an attractive winter wonderland setting for your romantic winter fairytale.

It’s an airy blend of classic and contemporary perfect for the feels and the photos.

15. White & Gold


Your wedding day is your big day, so you’re more than welcome to put gold on everything according to your fancy.

White and gold is an exceptionally elegant combination, like a picture of ancient Greek gods and goddesses sitting on their thrones at Mount Olympus. Have gold on your cake, hair, bridesmaids’ dresses, utensils, tabletops, wherever you want.

Bathing everything in gold creates a warm and luxurious ambiance that is sure to make your wedding day such an unforgettable shimmering experience.

16. Red & Pink


Bold and sweet, a red and pink colour palette for your winter wedding will surely make Cupid proud. Be inspired by the glossy red of winter berries and the softer colours of the season.

Focus on a candy apple shade and use soft pink to make a statement that is both bold and edgy. Use all shades of blush and surround yourself with the romantic feel of it all.

17. Gray, Blue, Rose & Copper


Cooling down with frosty neutrals makes a fancy winter wedding.

Infusing steely gray and soft blue with hints of rose and copper creates a striking blend perfect for wintry season, especially in an industrial setup. It’s very romantic and excellent for the pictures!

18. Moss & Olive Green


Aesthetically understated, the muted combination of moss and olive green is just the right amount of seasonal.

If Old World is what you’re looking for, then these colours are perfect for they go quite well with candle décor, dark wood, and a lot of things with an antique feel to them.

19. Navy & Gold


The classy combo of navy blue and gold gives the right amount of festive vibe without being overwhelming. Let navy blue be the neutral and accentuate with gold for that sophisticated and regal look.

20. Greenery & Brown


If you want to have a healthy dose of nature to your wedding setup, then these colours are the way to go. All the leaves and woodland touches give off a fresh and cozy ambiance that effortlessly complements the wintry chill.


What do you think? Which colour palette caught your eye? These are just some of the top winter wedding colours out there. Take your pick and make sure the photos are accounted for by hiring an excellent wedding photographer in Melbourne.

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