15 Most Extraordinary Wedding Venues in Melbourne

15 Most Extraordinary Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Here’s the best thing about Melbourne: it offers everything you need for creating an unforgettable wedding. Aside from its world-class vendors, Victoria’s capital is a utopia of extraordinary spots for saying I Do! For this reason, you don’t have to do a destination wedding elsewhere just to find stunning a wedding venue for your much-awaited day.
Let’s not forget the fact that Melbourne serves various types of couples with different preferences and needs. The business district might give you the impression that it’s all skyscrapers and buildings, but this city offers more than what you could ask for.
If you’re located in Melbourne and you’re still in search of your dream setting, this blog is for you. Here’s the list of the top wedding venues Melbourne has to offer for different types of wedding styles and concepts!

Garden Wedding Venues

If your dream wedding is comprised of the calming scenes of green lawns, the fragrant smell of vibrant flowers, and the musical sound of chirping birds, a botanical wedding is surely your thing!
Melbourne might be known for being a hub of culture, street art, and skyscrapers, but the metropolitan capital of Victoria also offers some boost of fresh air and greenery. Here’s the list of the city’s best venues for garden weddings.

1. Windmill Gardens

Capacity: 80-140 guestsVenue Style: Rustic

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Situated in the suburbs of Plumpton, this charming venue is just 30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
With its Holland-inspired space, this dreamy place is enlaced with quaint windmills and 11 hectares of gardens along its tranquil lake. Also, let’s not forget those fields filled with lovely flowers that bloom during the summer and spring season. Perfect for your wedding photography shoot!
If you’re looking for a cozy venue to say I do, Windmill Gardens will surely make your dreams come true! Aside from being aesthetically enchanting, this place also offers a Plan B option (indoor facilities) in case of unexpected weather.

2. Ascot House

Capacity: 80-200 guestsVenue Style: Vintage

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If you prefer a touch of antiquity and old-fashioned ambiance, this timeless spot in Ascot Vale might be your choice! Along with its heritage charm, Ascot House is known for its classic Victorian mansion nestled in 2 acres of English gardens.
In addition to its vast ballroom space, this venue also boasts a captivating gazebo that’s festooned with well-manicured lawns and delightful greenery! Covered by trees that provide fresh air and natural shading, this spot offers a great setting for your saying I Do.

3. Ballara Receptions

Capacity: 60-160 guestsVenue Style: Whimsical

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For a dreamy garden celebration, this whimsical haven in Eltham is a great setting for romance and fairytales!
Every corner of Ballara will surely enchant you –the flower-filled gardens, the lakeside gazebo, the beautiful waterfall, and even the hanging greeneries from above!
If you think that the wonders of this venue stop at daylight, you should also see its magnificence during the night time. If you decided to do an evening party, you’ll surely be thrilled with the elegant chandeliers of the ballroom and the whimsy fairy lights of its outdoors.
Don’t forget to hire a professional Melbourne wedding photographer to take advantage of the venue’s delights!

Vineyard Wedding Venues

If you and your beau have always shared a passion for world-class wines or if your bar service is one of the top priorities for your big day, doing your wedding in a vineyard venue is definitely your best bet.
Aside from being presented with bursts of amazing flavors, you’ll also get to enjoy the whole package of saying I Do in a vineyard. What about turning those mesmerizing views of grape yards and greeneries into backdrops for capturing your wonderful wedding photos?

4. Balgownie Estate

Capacity: 270 guestsVenue Style: Rustic

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The best thing about this vineyard venue is the fact that it’s so much more than a vineyard.
In addition to its picturesque grape yard and its world-class wines, Balgownie Estate is a stunning coalescence of rustic architecture, delicious cuisines, scenic views, and memorable activities. This breathtaking venue is a perfect amalgamation of countryside allures and luxurious touches!
During your celebration, don’t forget to fill yourself up with the pleasant sensation of fresh air and the beautiful scene of Yarra Valley. Once the party is over, you can also do some post-wedding activities such as a hot air balloon ride!

5. Vue on Halcyon

Capacity: 40-200 guestsVenue Style: Rustic Modern

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Nestled in the suburbs of Melbourne and the entrance of Yarra, this haven is a wonderful choice for foodies and nature lovers.
With its harmonious coalescence of contemporary and rustic, Vue on Halcyon is a breathtaking setting for enjoying the best of both worlds. The venue’s wide hectares of land are home to its spectacular grape yards and gorgeous function rooms.
In addition to these wonders, you would surely enjoy the sumptuous food and wine services while delighting in the beautiful views of the rolling hills nearby!

Indoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor weddings are one of the trends these days but there’s still a market for those who want to do their celebration in indoor halls. Aside from being free from unpredicted risks of the outdoors, this type of venue is a great option for those who want to tie the knot during the autumn and winter season.

6. Quat Quatta

Capacity: 50 – 160 guestsVenue Style: Vintage, Victorian

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If you’re particularly drawn to the intricate details of vintage style, this spectacular yet neutral space is an excellent candidate for you.
A historical Victorian Mansion in Ripponlea, Quat Quatta ticks the checklist for the timeless-fashioned aficionados. The venue’s space is mostly surrounded by white and cream palette but when you look closely, you’ll definitely adore this eye-candy.
Among its most notable features are the artisan windows, the elaborate ceilings, the ornate staircase, and the romantic mood lighting.

7. Manor on High

Capacity: 80 – 650 guestsVenue Style: Elegant

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Massive ballroom and lavish chandeliers will welcome you when you take your wedding in this stylish belle in Epping. The wedding venue’s luxurious ambiance and opulent customer service make it a seamless setting for an extravagant celebration!
Depending on your needs and preferences, Manor on High has multiple function rooms that you can choose from. The sumptuous selection includes The Regency Room, The Georgian Room, and The Grand Ballroom.

8. 524 Flinders

Capacity: 130 – 270 guestsVenue Style: Minimalist

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Always pictured yourself having a simple wedding while highlighting the beautiful emotions during your day?
Or do you want to have a blank canvas where you can decorate your wedding the way that you want to?
Either way, 524 Flinders might be the perfect fit for your needs. Nestled in the central business district of Melbourne, this accessible venue boasts its complete white walls and airy space.
This canvas is a great option for those who want to customize their wedding as simple or as extravagant as they want to.

9. The Hotel Windsor

Capacity: 10 – 230 guestsVenue Style: Luxurious

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During the 3rd of June 1923, the hotel held a luncheon that was joined by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales. After this event, the famous lodge was named accordingly.
With its rich history and notable Victorian influence, The Hotel Windsor is considered as one of the best spots for an opulent occasion. Its aristocratic architecture and lush features will surely make you feel like you’re having the best time of your lives!
Celebrate like royalty and show it off by hiring a savvy Melbourne wedding photographer to capture you in your fantastic moments.

Rooftop Wedding Venues

Level up your big day by literally elevating your celebration! Mostly themed with contemporary style, rooftop venues can offer you the outstanding heights and gorgeous views within the urban jungle. This elevated setting gives you access to the most outstanding sights of Melbourne sunsets, Yarra Valley, and city lights.

10. Crown Melbourne

Capacity: 400 – 550 guestsVenue Style: Modern

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If your dream wedding is comprised of chasing rooftop sunsets and delighting in city skyline views, Crown Melbourne can achieve your wed imaginations! The Crown Aviary, one of the hub’s multiple facilities, offers urban panoramas that will surely satiate the hearts of contemporary enthusiasts.
The marquee-inspired area is enlaced with floor-to-ceiling French windows that allow you and your guests to enjoy the spectacular city views while being protected from unforeseen weather conditions!

11. Eureka 89

Capacity: 120 – 250 guestsVenue Style: Modern

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Treat yourself and your loved ones to a once-in-a-lifetime luxurious celebration of love! With its opulent ambiance and 360-degree panoramic scenes, Eureka 89 is a stunner in all sides and corners.
Set atop the remarkable Eureka tower, this event place offers an impressive view of skyscrapers, sunsets, and city lights of Melbourne. The venue’s world-class chefs and baristas provide outstanding dining experience and excellent bar services that your guests won’t surely forget!

12. The Pool Deck

Capacity: 40 – 300Venue Style: Modern Retro

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Are you up for a rooftop wedding beside a pool? The Pool Deck got your back!
With a pleasing combination of contemporary and retro ambiance, this stylish venue will surely give the right vibe for quirky couples. The pops of color everywhere and the hanging string lights across the area are totally Instagram-worthy and perfect for your wedding photography!
If you are looking for a Californian-inspired party, this vibrant and innovative setting is definitely your best bet.

13. Bobby McGees

Capacity: 60 – 500 guestsVenue Style: Retro

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Turn your eccentric retro imaginations to reality by setting the mood through a wedding venue that fits.
Perfect for evening parties and soirees, Bobby McGees is a dreamland for pairs who want to show off their love for the old-fashioned aesthetic! With dramatic features and unique lighting, this exceptional place will surely be a great setting for materializing your Las Vegas-inspired celebration.
Besides, your wedding photographer in Melbourne will definitely love shooting your matchless wedding photos here!

Waterfront Wedding Venues

The Victorian capital can also serve the thalassophiles at heart! Enlaced with beach and waterfront venues, Melbourne is one of the region’s top spot for those who are looking for an accessible beach wedding experience.

14. Little Blue – St. Kilda Pier

Capacity: 1- 200 guestsVenue Style: Vintage

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One of the most iconic spots in St. Kilda, the Little Blue Restaurant offers an interesting history since the day it opened its doors in 1904.
Considered as the only venue in Melbourne that’s fully surrounded by Port Phillip Bay, this picturesque restaurant presents a stunning panorama of waters and Melbourne skyline.
Aside from its gorgeous sights, Little Blue also offers authentic Melburnian experience with its delicious flavors!

15. Encore St. Kilda

Capacity: 50-700 guestsVenue Style: Elegant

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For a touch of elegance to your wedding day, this another beach venue in St. Kilda might be your cream of the crop.
With its classy banquet halls and modern features, Encore provides a seamless setting for sophisticated brides. This popular spot also offers multiple opportunities for taking your astonishing wedding photos!

On the Hunt for Your Wedding Photographer Melbourne?

No matter where you decided to take your big day, it is important to ensure that your wonderful moments would be encapsulated beautifully.
Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and it just makes sense to hire the best wedding photographer in Melbourne that would meet your exact needs!
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