Top 40 Small Wedding Venues Melbourne

Top 40 Small Wedding Venues Melbourne

Not a fan of a big fat wedding? If the idea of doing a huge celebration leaves you overwhelmed, an intimate event is perhaps the best choice for you.

Friendly tip: maximize your setting and avoid ‘blank spaces’ by choosing a venue that caters to smaller groups.

Here are 40 Suggestions for Small Wedding Venues Melbourne

To get you started on your venue research, we collected the 40 best wedding venues for small wedding in Melbourne. Scroll down to check the list!

1. The Gables


Image Via: The Gables

Upholding its age-old charm since 1902, this venue is truly a diamond for couples who appreciate vintage architecture and antique elegance.

Are you familiar with the iconic movie, The Great Gatsby? The Gables’ team offers Gatsby-inspired affairs, too!

2. National Gallery of Victoria

Make a statement by taking your special day in the National Gallery of Victoria. This CBD landmark is an extraordinary option for artsy pairs!

Entertaining groups as tiny as 40, this iconic spot is one of the best small wedding venues Melbourne has to offer.

3. Quat Quatta


Image Via: Quat Quatta

For a Victorian-inspired celebration, this elegant and historical mansion could be the venue of your dreams.

Quat Quatta is filled with intricate vintage details that perfectly blends with an intimate affair. The sophisticated patterns, soft textiles, and mood lighting all add up to the dramatic ambiance of the boutique venue.

4. Syracuse


Image Via: Syracuse

Dreaming of a gastronomically rich affair? Perfect for a classic restaurant wedding Melbourne, Syracuse takes its pride from its superb wines and fine cuisines.

Thanks to its antique architecture and soft mood lighting, the place radiates an undeniable romantic atmosphere!

5. Ascot House


Image Via: Ascot House

Looking for small wedding venues for 20 guests? Catering to groups as tiny as 20, the Ascot House is a captivating setting for making wonderful memories.

Though it offers some modern amenities, this historical jewel has been maintained to its original homey appeal. We bet you can’t resist its lovely garden, vintage furnishings, cozy fireplaces, and magnificent dining rooms!

6. MV Pearl


Image Via: MV Pearl

A luxurious yacht wedding is usually a Mediterranean thing but MV Pearl brings your naval fantasies in the comfort of Melbourne!

If you’re looking for unique wedding venues for small wedding, this European-inspired motor yacht is surely a great option. No gatecrashers allowed!

7. St. Andrews Conservatory

Considered as one of the most unique wedding venues in Melbourne, this contemporary setting is an extraordinary option for modern brides! Who wouldn’t be amazed by its glass roof and romantic bamboo lanterns?

St. Andrews is also considered as one of the cheap wedding venues in Melbourne but its high-quality services and awesome amenities assure that your function will be anything but ‘cheap’!

8. Brighton Savoy


Image Via: Brighton Savoy

Dreaming of having a small beach wedding in Melbourne? With four different sized reception rooms, there is surely an option for couples who want to downsize their celebration.

After tying the knot in the famous Brighton Beach, you can indulge in the exceptional service and luxurious gourmet of the Savoy. For an authentic Melburnian flair, don’t forget to capture some wedding photos in front of the colorful Brighton boxes!

9. Inglewood Estate


Image Via: Inglewood Estate

If you’re fantasizing about an intimate affair in a rustic natural setting, this jewel in Kangaroo Ground valley might be your venue.

With its breathtaking lake, rolling hills, and lovely vineyard, Inglewood Estate is truly a wedding photographer ’s dream come true. There’s no doubt: it’s one of the best small wedding venues Yarra Valley!

10. Avalon Castle


Image Via: Avalon Castle

Hunting for garden wedding venues for small wedding? Featuring a stunning gazebo, Avalon Castle could be the best option for your garden I Do’s. In addition to the photo opportunities, this venue also offers accommodation on site!

11. All Smiles Melbourne


Image Via: All Smiles Melbourne

If you’re interested in a restaurant wedding Melbourne, this modern place set over the water’s edge is an exceptional choice.

For groups as tiny as 30, All Smiles will surely impress your guests with its contemporary ambiance, awesome city views, and world-class flavors!

12. Mountain Goat Brewery


Image Via: Mountain Goat Brewery

Looking for brewery wedding venues Melbourne? Mountain Goat Brewery is a haven not only for beer lovers but also for couples who love industrial style.

The modern brewing tanks, red brick walls, and the special atmosphere made the venue even more sensational. Maximize your intimate affair by hiring a premium wedding photographer Melbourne!

13. Red Spice Road


Image Via: Red Spice Road

Do you want to effortlessly infuse some Asian cuisines to your wedding menu? Red Spice Road might be the perfect place to do that!

Situated in the heart of Melbourne, this city venue is an excellent option for brides and grooms who want to enjoy great food with their core group.

14. Mornington Golf Club


Image Via: Mornington Golf Club

Searching for small wedding venues Mornington Peninsula? Serving a minimum of 40 guests, Mornington Golf Club is a spectacular choice for intimate affairs.

The spectacular sea-view, manicured lawns, and lush gardens offer picturesque backdrops for tying the knot!

15. Goona Warra Vineyard

With a breathtaking vineyard and stunning nature views, this belle is a great option for groups as small as 40.

Aside from being eye candy, Goona Warra also takes pride in its extraordinary service, delicious gourmet food, and world-class bottles of wine.

16. Arco Restaurant


Image Via: Arco Restaurant

Interested in a wedding menu filled with Italian fare? Aside from offering an idyllic setting in Dandenongs, Arco Restaurant impresses its patrons by specializing in Italian cuisines. Buon appetito!

17. Montsalvat


Image Via: Montsalvat

Inspired by Tuscan architecture, this lovely venue speaks romance and serenity through its rustic façade. Allow yourself to be swept away with Montsalvat’s brick cottages, ornamental pool, and ethereal surroundings!

18. The Melbourne Zoo


Image Via: The Melbourne Zoo

Located in the heart of the city, the Melbourne Zoo is an accessible option for couples who want to be surrounded by wildlife while tying the knot!

From Japanese gardens to lush rainforests, this iconic place offers scenic opportunities for unique wedding photography.

19. Roombas @ Mt Aitken

With countryside charm and verdant surroundings, this place is surely one of the top choices for rustic small wedding venues Melbourne. Located just 35 minutes from CBD, Roombas @ Mt Aiken is an accessible utopia for rustic brides!

20. Luna Park


Image Via: Luna Park

Looking for a wild (and fun) way to get hitched? How about an amusement park affair? Situated in St. Kilda, the iconic Luna Park offers an exhilarating celebration and unique carnival vibe for the most outgoing couples!

21. Studley Park Boathouse


Image Via: Studley Park Boathouse

Allow yourself to be at awe with this waterfront wedding venue in the suburb of Kew. Perched along the majestic Yarra River, Studley Park Boathouse is easily one of the most gorgeous wedding venues for small wedding!

Catering to groups as tiny as 10, the place offers multiple receptions options such as the terrace, the balcony, and the riverbank lawn.

22. Ichi Ni Nana


Image Via: Ichi Ni Nana

If you’re interested in a Japanese restaurant wedding Melbourne, Ichi Ni Nana might be the venue of your dreams.

Aside from its intimate atmosphere, this restaurant is an eye candy inside and out! Who can resist those vibrant interiors and Port Phillip Bay scenes?

23. Riverstone Estate


Image Via: Riverstone Estate

If you’re searching for small wedding venues for 20 guests, this vineyard setting might be the backdrop of your dream day.

Riverstone Estate offers you the opportunity to celebrate your love while being surrounded by the panoramic views of Yarra Valley. Besides, it’s a perfect spot for enjoying the sunset and dancing under the stars!

24. Mon Bijou


Image Via: Mon Bijou

Perched high above the streets of Melbourne, this penthouse is truly a distinct eye-candy. In addition to the 270-degree city views, Mon Bijou also features a jewel-inspired design and French gastronomy. Bon appetite!

25. Wild Cattle Creek Estate


Image Via: Wild Cattle Creek Estate

Wild Cattle Creek Estate is one of the best small wedding venues Yarra Valley has to offer! Just 45 minutes’ drive from Melbourne, this belle presents the opportunity of an awesome intimate affair without sacrificing accessibility.

Nestled in the gateway of Yarra, Wild Cattle Creek features breathtaking vineyards, lovely gardens, and a tranquil atmosphere.

26. Captain Melville


Image Via: Captain Melville

For a boutique event, you might want to check out this gastropub in the edge of CBD. A venue licensed for a 24-hour operation; Captain Melville is a great option for a long day of partying!

27. The Baths Middle Brighton


Image Via: The Baths Middle Brighton

Situated in the Brighton Beach front, The Baths offers world-class cuisines, excellent services, and tailored beach event experience. For an additional point of interest, this venue faces Melbourne’s remaining sea baths.

28. Normanby House


Image Via: Normanby House

For an authentic soiree function, this quaint house in the suburb of Thornbury might be the venue you’re looking for.

Aside from the delicious cuisines that it offers, Normanby House features plenty of shooting opportunities that your Melbourne wedding photographer will love!

29. Overnewton Castle


Image Via: Overnewton Castle

Highlighting the Scottish Baronial style, Overnewton Castle is a unique choice for couples who fancies a vintage castle wedding.

Serving a minimum of 60 people, this exquisite venue will surely impress your guests with its antique ambiance and jaw-dropping architecture.

30. Encore St. Kilda

If you want to add a flavor of modern chic to your beach wedding, this popular venue might be the perfect fit.

With its stylish amenities and neutral motif, Encore St. Kilda offers a contemporary twist to seaside I Do’s. With Port Phillip Bay as your backdrop, this venue is also a great preference for wedding photography!

31. Two Ton Max

Do you prefer to personalize your function to your exact specifications? Offering a blank canvas, Two Ton Max is a modern warehouse venue that will allow you to style your wedding as simple or as wild as you want!

32. Farm Vigano


Image Via: Farm Vigano

For an authentic European charm, Farm Vigano offers you the opportunity of having an Italian-inspired celebration.

Aside from its outdoor charm and indoor allure, you can expect that this venue will satisfy your desire for great food and fine wines!

33. Wattle Park Chalet Surrey Hills


Image Via: Wattle Park Chalet Surrey Hills

If you fancy 1920-style functions, you might want to check the cottage nestled between the Damper Creeks and the Hercules.

Considered as a heritage site, Wattle Park Chalet is a scenic and iconic location for your special day. To capture your day wonderfully, don’t forget to hire a savvy wedding photographer Melbourne!

34. Grand Hyatt Melbourne


Image Via: Grand Hyatt Melbourne

With opulent amenities and high-class services, Grand Hyatt is a dream come true for brides who are looking for an intimate yet luxurious function!

Catering to a minimum of 50 people, this hotel is a haven for those who want to splurge on expensive food and extravagant services. Grand Hyatt also offers deluxe accommodation which is perfect for treating your closest and dearest.

35. Windmill Gardens


Image Via: Windmill Gardens

Featuring a Holland-inspired façade, this whimsical venue is one of the top favorites for wedding photography Melbourne.

There’s no doubt: Windmill Gardens takes its pride from the enchanting beauty of its surroundings. The quaint windmills, blossoming gardens, and charming lake are among its best elements!

36. Little Blue – St. Kilda


Image Via: Little Blue – St. Kilda

This historic restaurant presents you with the opportunity of an authentic Melburnian celebration through its local delicacies.

Aside from its sumptuous flavors, Little Blue also offers a scenic panorama of blue waters and Melbourne skyline. It’s fully surrounded by Port Phillip Bay, anyway!

37. The Pool Deck


Image Via: The Pool Deck

You can figuratively and literally elevate your wedding with this Californian-inspired rooftop venue! Perfect for a balmy evening, The Pool Deck is a great option for brides who want to do a unique pool party for her celebration.

38. Ballara Receptions


Image Via: Ballara Receptions

Create a real-life fairytale by saying I Do in this dreamy venue in Eltham! Ballara is a utopia for nature lovers: it will captivate you with its surrounding greeneries, tranquil waterfall, lakeside gazebo, and blossoming gardens.

39. Yarra Valley Estate


Image Via: Yarra Valley Estate

Planning a weekend-long wedding? Perched in hundred acres of bushland, Yarra Valley Estate is a great choice for couples looking for a retreat-inspired function.

Focusing on the beauty and essence of nature, this venue offers countless outdoor options for ceremonies and indoor spaces with big bay windows. To add a cherry on top of the cake, the estate serves its guests with organic ingredients that are sourced right from its gardens.

40. Little Henri

Melbourne is not Melbourne without its unique and vibrant cafés. If you’ve always loved the cozy ambiance and the coffee-inspired interiors of a café, you can say I Do to a special day in Little Henri.

The rich natural lighting, beautiful courtyards, and lovely walls of this cafe are perfect backdrops to espresso your love!


Having a shorter guest list is not a problem if you’re located in Melbourne. With plenty of small venue options, you can surely find the best fit for your style and needs!

If you’re also in the process of looking for a Melbourne wedding photographer, we might be able to satisfy your preferences.

Our team, JF Studio, offers high-quality and exceptional wedding photography while you’re enjoying the best day of your life! Contact us today for more information.