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18 Most Epic Wedding Venues in Australia

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Who doesn't want to get married in a stunning place and a breathtaking backdrop?

Throughout your wedding planning process, there are top priority tasks and there are other assignments that you can save for the later stages of preparation. One of the errands with utmost importance? It’s none other than choosing your wedding venue.

The Best Wedding Venues in Australia

With myriads of wedding venues in Australia, selecting the best fit for your needs and preferences can be a cray-cray situation. To save you from the fuss, we compiled the top 18 spots that wedding photographers and wedding planners swear by!

1. Glenmore Country Estate -NSW

Bring your whimsical imaginations to life by doing your wedding in a dreamy setting!

Situated in the wine region of Hunter Valley, Glenmore Country Estate offers a wonderful coalescence of luxury and countryside vibe. Aside from its picturesque and rustic barn, the venue also boasts the serene atmosphere and the stunning scenes that are enlacing the valley.

And oh, let’s not forget Glenmore’s world-class selection of flavor. From flavorful cuisines to savory wines, you and your guests will surely enjoy the venue’s five-star dining experience.

2. Kimberley Coastal Camp - WA

Have you ever thought that getting married in an isolated wilderness is impossible? Well then mate, impossible is no longer a thing. Kimberley Coastal Camp is the hardcore adventurers’ dream come true!

Set in the unspoiled beaches of Admiralty Gulf, this remote venue offers gourmet food and amazing camping activities on top of its fantastic sights. The venue’s management really cares for the environment, so they limited the maximum guest number to just 12 people.

If you prefer to do your wedding in the most memorable and most intimate way, Kimberley Coastal Camp is a perfect place for starting a new journey with your future spouse!

3. Eureka 89 -VIC

Level up your wedding by literally elevating your big day! With the panoramic scenes of the Melbourne skyline and Yarra Valley, Eureka 89 is surely one of the best venues for your modern party.

Perched atop the quintessential tower of Eureka, this contemporary spot will definitely be a hot topic among your guests even after your celebration. Aside from its stunning views, this venue also offers an exceptional dining experience with its sumptuous cuisines and savory cocktails.

Don’t forget to hire a professional Melbourne wedding photographer to capture all your amazing moments with your beau and your guests!

4. Margaret River Secret Garden - WA

Nestled in a peppermint forest beside Wilyabrup Brook, this charming venue is a seamless setting for a magical wedding.

Particularly famous during the spring season, Margaret River Secret garden is beautifully filled with enchanting blooms that fits your romantic imaginations. Designed by a renowned landscape architect, this utopia will surely captivate your heart with its sights, scents, and ambiance.

Besides, who can resist the enchanting scenes of the draping wisterias while the pond and the waterfall hum a lullaby in your ears?

5. Quat Quatta - VIC

If vintage elegance are the words that best describes your dream wedding, then this Victorian mansion will tick your checklist.

Quat Quatta is a historical space that offers the seamless combination of sophistication and retro aesthetic. It might look like a blank canvas at first glance, but this belle is indeed a stunner when you look closer.

Displaying its Victorian influence, this setting is enlaced with prominent features such as ornate windows, patterned ceilings, and spectacular mood lighting.

6. The Hotel Windsor – VIC

If you’re up for a luxurious treat, this royalty-inspired venue might be the apple of your eyes.

Boasting its interesting history and aristocratic flair, The Hotel Windsor is an ideal gateway for couples who want to feel like a real king and queen on their special day! Equipped with world-class staffs and five-star services, this hotel will surely be a lavish setting for brides who are craving for opulent experience.

With its grand chandeliers, aristocratic patterns, and lavish ambiance, you’ll surely find multiple opportunities for capturing your incredible wedding photos!

7. Peppermint Bay Hotel – TAS

A 35-minute drive from Tasmania’s capital, Peppermint Bay hotel is situated in 40km south of Hobart. Boasting its gorgeous views of Bruny Island and D’Entrecasteaux Channel, this remarkable wedding venue immediately gives its guests the best impression once they step into the property.

If you think that its wonders remain in the outdoors, you should see how the award-winning architects have designed this Tasmanian jewel. Set in the 4-acre waterfront property is a stylish banquet area with floor-to-ceiling windows that serves as portals to the wonders of the outside.

In addition to its architectural charm, this hotel also boasts its sumptuous cuisines that comes from the fresh produce of its own garden and the local market. How’s that for sustainability?

8. Earth House - NSW

Situated in Byron Bay’s middle of nowhere (yup it’s like a secret paradise), Earth House welcomes couples who want to splurge in an authentic rural wedding experience.

Because this lovely retreat is perched on a hilltop, you will have an easy access to gorgeous views of the sea and the verdant mountains. What a magnificent backdrop for saying I do!

If you’re planning a wedding for the summer season and you don’t want to deal with the huge crowd of Byron Bay’s beaches, this divine haven might be your cream of crop.

9. Campbell Point House - VIC

Set along the Bellarine Peninsula, this chateau-inspired estate is a charming setting for tying the knot with your special one.

Campbell Point House boasts its fascinating architecture, scenic sea views, and French-style amenities. Filled with European elements of luxury and ambiance, this postcard-perfect spot is a great option for the romantic bride.

10. Dunbar House - NSW

Situated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, this waterfront mansion is dubbed as a perfect venue for all types of wedding.

Offering the comfortability of hosting both your ceremony and reception, Dunbar House is a great option if you want to save time during the hectic sched of your big day.

With a capacity of 50-110 guests, this historical mansion is a great option for small weddings. You can say I Do under the famous fig tree within the property and you can do your soiree in the venue’s classic banquet area.

11. The Boat House – ACT

Perched along the peaceful Lake Burley Griffin, this tranquil location is a wonderful spot for brides who’s interested in a rustic and serene wedding venue. With a minimum of 10 guests and maximum of 250 guests in capacity, The Boat House provides a great setup for both intimate and big celebrations.

The gentle lapping of the lake water and the location’s placid ambiance is a fantastic backdrop for couples who’s longing for an authentic vacation-inspired experience. Let’s not forget The Boat House’ stunning sunset view that creates the perfect lighting and dramatic silhouettes for your wedding photos.

12. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge - TAS

Located in Cradle Mountain, this breathtaking gem could be the wedding venue of your dreams!

Surrounded by magnificent mountain views, idyllic waters, and rustic ambiance, Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge has been one of the top spots that the island state has to offer. When you take your wedding here, you’ll be presented with infinite opportunities to capture your splendid wedding photos.

Another thing that you’ll love about this place is its ability to host both your ceremony and reception. You don’t have to worry about travelling far distances during your wedding day!

And oh, let’s not forget that Peppers also offers cabin accommodations so your guests could enjoy comfort and accessibility at its best!

13. Quamby Estate - TAS

Ideal for the romantic bride, this belle in Hagley might be the perfect setting for your love tale!

Quamby Estate is festooned with soft-colored exteriors, enchanting trees, and a dreamy atmosphere for your celebration. With its endless photo shoot opportunities, you’ll surely get those Pinterest-worthy portraits that you want!

14. Buckland Estate - WA

Founded on 1836, this Victorian mansion boasts its vibrant history of being the social hub of Avon Valley during the ancient times.

With it dazzling sights and features, Buckland Estate provides a peaceful vibe and complete privacy for interested couples. The grand manor’s rural farm, idyllic hill views, and picturesque dam are just some of the scenic spots where you could take your wedding photos.

If you’ve always dreamt of tying the knot away from the hustle and bustle of the metro, this jewel might be your cup of tea!

15. Villa Botanica Whitsundays - QLD

With spectacular sea views, verdant gardens, and private beach, this jewel in Whitsundays is a magnificent setting for thalassophiles.

Villa Botanica serves their guests with exceptional services to help them turn their dream wedding into an extraordinary reality. With the venue’s top-quality cuisines and world-class customer service, this villa will definitely be a terrific spot for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

16. Noosa Boat House - QLD

Impress your guests by showing off your quirky personality through your wedding options!

This three-level floating boathouse in the Noosa River is an unusual yet exciting choice for couples who wants a unique experience while enjoying the authentic Australian cuisines.

Noosa Boat House offers the pleasures of the coastal lifestyle with its floor-to-ceiling windows which are great portals to the surrounding water view as well as the iconic Queensland sunset.

To fill your heart (and stomach) with delight, the modern Australian menu that the venue provides is filled with rich flavors of fresh seafood and local produce. When good food is involved, what more could you ask for?

17. Glengariff Historic Estate - QLD

Dreaming of a Tuscany-inspired celebration for your big day? Good news, there’s no need to book a flight to Europe because Queensland has its own version of Italian paradise!

Tucked in the verdant hills and lush fields of North Brisbane, Glengariff Historic Estate stands proud with its serene ambiance and heaven-like charm which enticed numerous couples around the world.

With its rustic banquet area and breathtaking sights, this estate is definitely a wonderful place to have the best time of your life! Also, let’s not forget those Italian Cypress trees that are enlacing the twisting roads near the venue’s lake. Totally Europe-like!

18. Bamurru Plains – NT

Perfect for the wildest elopement experience, Bamurru Plains might be the utopia that you need for your fierce imaginations.

Nestled in a massive private property that includes 10 safaris and myriad of adventure opportunities, Bamurru Plains is an ideal setting for couples who want to infuse a dose of exploration during their special day.

Do you want to tie the knot under the mesmerizing blanket of stars? Do you want to turn your wedding into a week-long voyage? Don’t you mind spotting some exhilarating signs of wildlife during your special day? Well then, you’re up for a treat!

Found What You’re Looking For?

I hope this blog helps! Wedding planning is indeed a tough assignment and it is our pleasure to give you the best wedding venues ideas for your upcoming celebration. But always remember this: no matter where you decide to tie the knot, the most important part of your wedding is the fact that you spent it with the person you love most!

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