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12 Tips to Getting the Best Wedding Photos

Updated: May 20, 2020

With all the efforts that you put into planning your wedding, we totally understand that you’d like to capture your day in the best possible way. Good news: having those stunning wedding photos is not rocket science and you can achieve them by taking note of some simple yet helpful tips!

Top Secrets to Getting the Best Wedding Photos

As a wedding photographer in Melbourne, I have closely worked with numerous couples who want to beautifully document their day.

Through my wedding photography experience, I would like to share the best tips that you can apply for achieving those portrait goals that you have!

1. Hire the Best Fit

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Not all wedding photographers are the same and each of them serve various client needs. The first question is: what type of wedding photos are you most attracted to?

There are several categories of wedding photography and 4 among them are more sought-after than the others. Here’s the list: fine art photography (creative expression), candid wedding photography (on-the-fly shots), traditional wedding photography (traditional details, directed shoot), and editorial wedding photography (dramatic art expression).

Once you decide what type of wedding photography you like most, you can then proceed on choosing your photographer within the specific industry.

For more details, you can check out our thorough guidelines on choosing your wedding photographer!

2. Schedule an Engagement Session

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Pre-wedding photo shoots are becoming a trend nowadays but there are few couples who don’t understand the myriad of its benefits.

In addition to creating wonderful memorabilia of togetherness, an engagement session is the best rehearsal for the actual shoot on your wedding day. Through this session, you’ll be able to practice how to pose on photos without the awkwardness!

You’ll also be able to work with your prospective wedding photographer beforehand and you’ll have the perfect chance to check his output. If in the end, you decided that he will be your photographer for the actual day, you already eased the discomfort of being in front of his big camera.

Remember, being comfortable during your wedding shoot is one of the fundamental keys to getting the best results!

3. Create a Tactical Timeline

Every wedding requires a run sheet that’s in accordance to the details of the day. There are several moving parts during your wedding day so it is very important to prepare a schedule to ensure that everything runs smoothly (including your photo session).

To design a foolproof run sheet, you must grab some vital information such as the length of daylight, the prospective weather, and the traditions of your big day.

Here’s an example: if you decided to tie the knot during autumn, you should prepare a schedule that works best for shorter days and rain possibility. Instead of doing your portrait shoot during the later hours of the day, you could do it before the ceremony to get ahead of everything.

4. Maximize the Golden Hours

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Schedule your portrait session during the most flattering time of the day!

When the sun hangs low in the horizon, it brings the golden colors and soft shadows that are perfect for your wedding photo shoot. Aside from being essentially cooler and cozier, the golden hours create an exquisite setting for those dewy and glowy shots.

If you’re also keen on achieving those gorgeous silhouette portraits, this natural phenomenon is also your friend! If you’re wondering if what is the ‘golden hour of the day’, it is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.

5. Take Advantage of the Season

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Every season of the year has their wedding advantages and disadvantages. Instead of focusing on the drawbacks, you should maximize their benefits! Here are some examples:

For a summer wedding, you should maximize the longer days for capturing your portraits during the daylight.

If you’re having an autumn wedding, you could use the stunning fall colors for your unique photo backdrop.

For a winter wedding, you can utilize some bold colors to create a gorgeous contrast with white winter land.

If a spring wedding is your cup of tea, saying I Do in a garden full of flowers will create a great portrait statement!

6. Choose Your Venue Wisely

In addition to aesthetic appeal, it is a must to choose your wedding venue in accordance to photography purposes.

Shooting wedding portraits and family photos usually happen during the daylight so it is highly recommended to select a venue with open shade. In addition to preventing heat stroke for everyone, you could also avoid those sunlight-in-your-eyes squint which don’t look great in photos.

7. Strategize for Stress-Free Portraits

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Here’s the thing: being in front of the camera for the whole day can drain your energy and this can show up in your photos!

To avoid looking stressed out in your portraits, planning the best techniques is the key. For instance, don’t forget to take your beauty rest one week prior to your wedding day. Yup, I know you’re excited and all, but taking a breather will be beneficial not only for your health but also for your shoot results.

Another thing to prepare is a strategic run sheet for your day. Creating a wedding timeline will make you one step ahead in managing your day and minimizing uncertainties that cause stress!

8. Do What Feels Natural

To feel more comfortable, opt to do what feels natural. Remember: the best photos look natural, so don’t overthink everything.

Stand or pose in a way that doesn’t feel too scripted for both of you. If you’re most comfortable holding hands or linking arms in each other, doing it in the shoot will look most natural.

Another tip: if you wouldn’t want to spend long hours for portrait session, hiring a candid wedding photographer is the best option. While focusing on capturing candid moments, these professionals encourage couples to have fun on their day without thinking about excessive posing.

9. Put Together a Touch Up Kit

With all the dancing, kissing, and emotional heights of your wedding, it’s pretty normal that your makeup and hair won’t stay put all day long!

To keep yourself looking fresh for your photos, it is highly recommended to pack a retouch kit for your day. Ask your maid of honor to bring it for you and don’t forget to tell your photographer to inform you once you need a touch up. It’s a teamwork, anyway!

10. Do a First Look

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Aside from being romantic and emotional, the first look is an amazing way to silence your crazy nerves during your wedding day. It is also a great opportunity to have a quiet time with your partner before spending the rest of the day with the crowd.

Take advantage of this moment to shoot some fresh portraits with your partner! Scheduling a portrait session before the ceremony is an excellent way to get ahead of your day.

11. Invest in Your Lighting

Wedding planners always encourage couples to splurge in illumination mainly for two reasons: number one is for event aesthetics and number two is for photography purposes. Lighting is one of the major factors in capturing a great photo, anyway!

Displaying some fairy lights, chandeliers, or string lights is the most popular way to illuminate an event. However, these lighting materials come with expensive costs.

If you’re looking for a more practical option, you can opt to select a venue that already offers pro lighting equipment. Another alternative is maximizing candles for a romantic warmth and flattering glow!

12. Enjoy Your Day

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You deserve to be happy and to be stress-free during your special day. Keep this in your mind.

After all the efforts that you exerted in planning your wedding, give yourselves some credit by having fun with your partner and your guests!

Besides, being genuinely joyful during your big day is something that your wedding photographer will surely appreciate. By capturing you in your best emotions, your photos will be the perfect channel to tell your wedding’s most beautiful stories.

Looking for a Wedding Photographer in Melbourne?

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